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An old playground favourite, but one that will get kids repeating the same question over and over: "What's the time, Mr Wolf?". This is a good activity for large classes. You can do it with as many kids as you can fit in the gym or playground.

Materials required[]

  • Space - playing in the gym is probably a good idea


  • Have the kids line up on one side of the gym. Tell them that they are all sheep and that you are Mr. Wolf. Indicate a line, past which is the "safe zone".
  • Get the sheep to shout out the key phrase: "What's the time Mr. Wolf?", after which you say "It's X o'clock". The kids must take X paces forward toward the wolf.
  • Repeat until some kids are close enough to you to catch and then reply "It's dinnertime!". Run after them and tag some of the kids. Those who get tagged become part of Team Wolf.
  • Repeat until there is one sheep left or until everybody is too tired to continue!


  • Make sure that the kids take real steps forward because some will try to get away with a little foot shuffle.
  • The children will definitely ask to play again, so you could change the question to "How many, Mr Wolf?" for the next lesson.
  • If you can get a copy, reading The Three Little Pigs is a good way to round off the lesson and calm them down before their poor teacher gets them back.