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Creating activities for use in Japan

Any activity that you see, you can edit. If you find one with a spelling mistake, go ahead and correct it. If you have some optional rules to add, go ahead and add them. If you have some experience to share, then go ahead and share it.

If you don't know the best place to add additional information, then you can just put it at the bottom of the page. If you want someone to review your work, then just ask Boy.pockets.

You can add your own activities too. Lesson plans are also welcome. You can start now by typing the name of the activity/lesson plan in the box below and pressing create:

If you try an existing lesson plan, then you can add your experience to the bottom of the page. Just write what you did, how it went and any advice/feedback you want to add.

If you are looking for an Activity or Lesson Plan to improve, then have a look at the teaching stubs (listed below). These are lessons plans that someone has marked as needing improvement:

Local KnowledgeEdit

Sharing your local knowledge to make getting around Japan easier

Write about the places you know about in Japan. The place that you live and the places you frequent. There is not much of this (in English) for most of the places that JETs are placed, so it is really valuable stuff!

Do you know where the closest import shop is? Or the restaurant that you _must_ visit? Or the one you should not? Write about it here! Just enter the place's name you want to write about and press the create local knowledge' button to get started:

Here is the best example to follow: Hita, and here are some good examples to follow: Osaka Prefecture | Ninohe | Ota.


Know something about how to get something done in Japan? Like how to save money on phone calls, use the toll system or send money home? Here is where you write about it.

Learning JapaneseEdit

Articles on the various methods and techniques to learn Japanese.

This is a planned series of articles that describes the various methods of studying Japanese. Include;

  • Technique
  • Materials
  • Tips


Direct any questions towards Boy.pockets.

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