This page describes how you can contribute to the Local knowledge section of the site. It describes how to improve your area.

Just do it...

Don't worry about the rules.

The rulesEdit

These rules should be strictly followed when contributing to Local knowledge.

  • Rule Number 1: Have a look at the other Prefecture pages and do whatever you want to do, ignoring any of the other rules.
  • Rule Number 2: Categorise your pages. If you are editing in Gunma pages, then add the Gunma category.
  • Rule Number 3: Link your pages. When you refer to another page on the wiki, then link to it. Links help people navigate and also helps google to search our site better.

Improving your areaEdit

  1. Make sure your prefecture page is in order.
    • Give a general overview of the prefecture. Think about what would be useful for new/potential JETs and people traveling through.
    • For existing JETs, add information about prefectural wide information. For example:
      • The prefecture's website/mailing group/facebook group
      • Common places visited (like the location of the annual JET meeting).
      • General information (like driving schools etc).
      • External links to prefecture-wide sites.
    • Ensure there is a link from your prefecture page to your city page.
    • Pretty stuff:
      • Does it have the Wikitravel template? If not, then add it: {{Wikitravel}}. This adds a link to the respective article on [ wikitravel].
      • Does it have the Regions of Japan template? If not, then add it: {{Regions of Japan}}. This adds a box allowing easy navigation of the different regions and prefectures.
  2. Improve your city page.
    • Think about what new and existing JETs/ALTs will want to see on the page. Think about what would have been nice to know when you first arrived. Think about:
      • Getting around
      • Living and Working
      • Sight seeing
      • Shopping
      • Eating/Drinking
    • Pretty stuff:
      • Does it have the prefecture's category? If not, add it.
      • Does the page have pictures and maps?
      • Add a Google map to the page.
        • If it already has a google map, then add more locations on the map (places of interest).
  3. Get others to help with their areas.

Some good examples:Edit

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