This page describes how you can contribute to the Activities section of the site.

The rulesEdit

These rules should be strictly followed when contributing to Activities.

  • Rule Number 1: Have a look at the other Activities pages and do whatever you want to do, ignoring any of the other rules.
  • Rule Number 2: Add resources and pictures. The easier it is to use your activity, the more people will use it.
  • Rule Number 3: Link your pages. When you refer to another page on the wiki, then link to it. Links help people navigate and also helps google to search our site better.

Starting a new activityEdit


There are various templates that help when creating a new activity. The most important is the Template:Lesson Infobox, which gives an overview of what the lesson contains and how long it will take. It also helps people find the activity. You should specify:

  • Age group
  • Skills used
  • Activity type

See the help page for more details.

Improving an existing activityEdit

All the information that you see on wiki JET can be edited, so by all means improve what already exists.

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