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Community Focus

Here at WikiJET, we currently have four areas to focus on:

Any articles around these topics will be welcome. If you are a past/present/future ALT (especially a JET) in Japan, then articles about what you are concerned about is what we want. If you think we need it, then we do!

Teaching TipsEdit

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Have you been teaching in Japan for some time? We want your knowledge. Help complete what has already been started in Teaching tips for Pre School and Teaching tips for Elementary school. Or Start afresh in Teaching tips for Junior High School and Teaching tips for Senior High.

Articles that you can help improve



Local knowledge


New article ideas


Local knowledge

Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sapporo, Kobe, Fukuoka, <create your own>


Main Page


One-shot ALTs, Base-school ALTs, Byokyu, Daikyu, Board of Education, Contracting organisation, UK application, US application, Interview hints and tips, How to divide your trash, Nama-biiru, Karaage, Yakisoba, UK tax liability information, Pension refund, Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Visiting the doctor etc.

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Wiki Maintenance

Things that need to be done every now and then to keep the wiki looking sharp.

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