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This is designed for Listening and Speaking and is good for Elementary school.


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The What's your telephone number? activity is great for practicing the numbers 0-9 and incorporates listening and speaking skills. It could be a bit difficult for 1st-3rd grade Elementary classes, but is great for 4th-6th grade classes.

Materials required[]


  • Before doing this activity, it's a good idea to practice numbers with songs and other activities (e.g. the finger counting warm-up).
  • Demonstrate the model dialogue with the JTE:
ALT: "Hello. What's your telephone number?"
JTE: "My telephone number is 3812-8440."
ALT: "Pardon?"
JTE: "3812-8440."
ALT: "3812-8440?"
JTE: "Yes."
ALT: "Thank you."
  • Once the kids have understood the dialogue, write the key phrases on the board and practice pronunciation.
  • Hand out the worksheets and have the kids write a fictional phone number of the form ****-****. Make sure they don't create something too easy like 4444-5555 or 1234-5678!
  • Demonstrate the game procedure with the JTE:
  • Each student finds a partner and they janken. The winner gets to ask the question "What's your telephone number?". The loser replies with "My telephone number is ****-****."
  • The winner writes the number down in one of the spaces on the worksheet using "Pardon?" if they didn't catch it and repeating the number back to the loser to check if they got it right.
  • Students find another partner and repeat.
  • Once time is up bring the activity to a close and see who collected the most phone numbers. That student is the winner!


  • Some kids who lose the janken match will launch straight into the number, forgetting to say "My telephone number is..." so mill around and check up on them.
  • Some kids who win the janken will not bother to check the accuracy of the number with their partner so make sure you stress this in the demonstration of the dialogue.