Week 9
Level: Hoikuen (5 years)
Self Introduction lesson plus review:
  • Greeting
  • Warm up; mushi and actions
  • Nice to meet you Vocabulary
  • Sing Hello Chant
  • Play Name Cards Game "Nice to meet You"
  • Blast off (count down game)
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Materials Needed

  • PC for Hello Chant and Hello Song
  • Mushi Flash Cards
  • Action Flash Cards
  • Name cards for kids (x5)


  • Greeting : "Good Morning..." --> MUST be Genki.
  • Warm Up : Review of Mushi vocabulary plus actions. FAST!
  • Review Vocab : Introduce introduction vocabulary. "Hello, My name is. Nice to meet you"
  • Hello Chant : Review lyrics. Sing the hello chant.
  • Shake Hands : Give out name cards to kids. Do an example of what they should do. exchange cards and review after.

Back up:

  • Blast off: Count down from 10 --> 0 and then jump into the air. Start from Standing and crouch further down every time they say a number. If it is not genki enough, then take off does not work...
  • Hello Song
  • Mushi Battle