Week 8
Level: Hoikuen (5 years)
Self Introduction lesson plus review:
  • Greeting
  • Warm up; mushi and actions
  • Nice to meet you vocabulary
  • Play Name Cards Game "Nice to meet You"
  • Mushi Battle
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Materials Needed

  • Mushi Flash Cards
  • Action Flash Cards
  • Name cards for kids (x5)


  • Greeting : "Good Morning..." --> MUST be Genki.
  • Warm Up : Review of Mushi vocabulary plus actions. FAST!
  • Introduction : Introduce introduction vocabulary. "Hello, My name is. Nice to meet you"
  • Shake Hands : Give out name cards to kids. Do an example of what they should do. exchange cards and review after.
  • Mushi Battle

Back up:

  • Blast Off Game : Count down from 10 to 0. When zero is reached, jump up high into the air.
  • Swish Boing Counting Game : Using guestures count from 1 to 10. After 10, start again at 1.


This lesson was designed for the Hoikuen Teachers (I was not scheduled to teach on the day, but got the Hoikuen teachers to teach instead).