Week 17
Level: Hoikuen (5 years)
Special Congratulations Lesson
Resource Links
Heads and Shoulders, King and servant
Other Lesson Plans

Materials Needed

  • PC
  • CD for Heads and Shoulders Song
  • Body Parts Flash Cards
  • Simon Says toy
  • ABC Flash Cards
  • Mushi Flash Cards (Back up)


  • Introduce new Letters
  • Review numbers using the numbers song.
  • Work on the King and Servant game. I want them to call out “I’m number one” etc. So make an activity around this.
    • First practice the sentence “I’m number one”. Then get the teachers to stand in separate parts of the room. Give each teacher a bunch of numbers from one to five. Students line up in front of the teachers (try to have an even amount of students in front of each student). The teacher gives the student a number. The student looks at it and says the number. The teacher says “I’m number なに”. The student repeats. The teacher says “OK great! Go and tell なんとか先生”. The student takes the card and runs to the teacher and gives them the card and repeats the sentence “I’m number なに”. Repeat.
    • Place the numbers one to five at both ends of the line (in a line and in order). Teachers are at either end of the room. Students are at one. The teacher at that end goes along in the line telling each student their number. Once all the students know their numbers, the teacher says “OK… GO!” The students run to the other end of the room and stand by their number and yell “I’m number なに”. Continue.
    • Keep with the same formation as above, but this time call out the students name. When the student hears their name they must run to the other end of the room and get on the lowest number available (ie, one to five). Pause between each name so that there is not so much worry about racing.
    • Now, play the king and Servant game where when they line up they race and call out “I’m number one”
    • When we move past the current letters (onto F etc), set up two lines; one for A to E and another for F to J. Start on the easy one and after they are happy, move to the harder one.
  • ‘’’Pony says’’’, use the parts of the body.

Back Up

  • Blast off
  • Mushi Battle
  • Heads and Shoulders
  • Hello Song
  • Hello Chant