Note: this is the same lesson as the previous week, as I will not be at the school (Summer break). One of the Hoikuen Teachers will take my place.
Week 12
Level: Hoikuen (5 years)
Body Parts - Additional Vocabulary
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Heads and Shoulders
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Materials Needed

  • PC for Hello Chant and Hello Song
  • Mushi Flash Cards
  • Body Parts Flash Cards
  • Ponyo toy


  • Greeting: "Good Morning"
  • Warm up: with actions, mushi review,
  • Review Old Vocab: Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
  • Hello Chant and Hello Song: Go over twice or thrice.
  • Review New Vocabulary: Eyes and Ears and mouth and nose
  • Simon Says: (Ponyo Says) Use actions, then introduce "Touch your ___" vocabulary. Use the parts of the body:
    • Ponyo says touch your head / shoulders / knees / toes / ears / eyes / mouth / nose,
    • Ponyo says stand up / sit down / spin / stomp / run / bow / hop / jump,
  • Heads and Shoulders Song Use new vocab.


  • Blast Off