Week 22
Level: Hoikuen (3,4,5 years)
Introduce new food and "Are you hungry?"
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Materials Needed

Fruit flashcards, Food flashcards


  • Good morning 5th year.
  • We have learnt all the vocab by now, but have not had much time to practice it. Continue with the clapping game (King and servant).
  • When all 3+4 years are ready,
    • someone knocks on the door "We are ready"
    • "Just a moment please."
    • "OK, let's clean up!"
    • "Come in please."
    • "Thanks you."
    • "Hello!"
  • New Vocabulary;
    • "Are you hungry?"
    • "Yes I'm hungry!"
    • "No, I'm not!"
  • New Words for food:
    • Rice, strawberry, Watermelon, spaghetti, milk
  • What do you want?
  • Totoro song
  • Teacher corners.
  • Rock scissors paper
  • Rock scissors paper, what do you want. I want a lemon.
  • Are you ready song.