Week 19
Level: Hoikuen (3 and 4 years)
This is another special combined class with the 5th years. Totoro song as well as fruit and English Janken
Resource Links
Fruit flashcards, Songs for young students
Other Lesson Plans

Materials Needed

  • PC for songs
  • Lyrics for teachers
  • Ponyo
  • Fruit Flash cards
  • Action flash cards
  • Numbers flash cards (backup)


  • Greeting
  • Teach kids new Lyrics and Actions
    • right beneath the spider's web
    • The Foxes and the badgers too All come out to play
    • They all want to explore the deep and wonderful woods all day
    • Look at all my many friends
  • Practice song all the way through
  • Ponyo says
  • Fruit flashcards
  • English Janken (Rock, Scissors, Paper, One, Two, Three!) - Practice a few times with the kids. Then do a group janken. Then do individual Janken. The loosers sit down.
  • English Janken, Who wants to be teacher.
  • “What do you want?” “I want a ~” Watermelon. Practice with kids then play oni janken.