Note: this is the first lesson back from summer vacation. It is a copy from the review lesson of week 13.
Week 15
Level: Hoikuen (3 and 4 years)
Numbers Introduction. Review of Greetings. Fruit basket game. Body parts review.
Resource Links
Heads and Shoulders, Fruit Basket
Other Lesson Plans

Materials Needed

  • Greeting flashcards
  • Body Parts Flash Cards
  • Smaller flash cards for body parts (Fruit Basket)
  • Action Flash Cards
  • Colors (for backup)
  • CD For Heads and Shoulders song
  • Numbers Flash Cards
    • Small Number Flashcards for fruit Basket Game


  • Greeting: Good morning, How are you? Shout!
  • Numbers - new vocabulary: One to Five.
  • JUMP: Actions and Body parts review.
  • Numbers Review Clapping with Numbers: *clap* *clap* one *clap* *clap* two *clap* *clap* three...
  • Greetings through the day: As week 10, do the actions of the greetings from good morning to good night.
  • Head and Shoulders Song: All vocab - with CD.
  • Fruit Basket Game: Numbers


  • Red Red Blue Game - For Numbers.