Week 11
Level: Hoikuen (3 and 4 years)
Review of Greetings. Fruit basket game. Body parts review.
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Materials Needed

  • Greeting flashcards
  • Body Parts Flash Cards
  • Smaller flash cards for body parts (Fruit Basket)
  • Action Flash Cards
  • Colors (for backup)


  • Greeting: Good morning, How are you? Shout!
  • Greeting Flashcards: Review of Vocab with emphasis on pronounciation.
  • JUMP: Actions and Body parts review.
  • Greetings through the day: As last week, do the actions of the greetings from good morning to good night.
  • Head and Shoulders Song: All vocab.
  • Fruit Basket Game: Last week, 8 items was too many for the kids (IMO). perhaps start by giving out less. If they show they are getting the game then give out more. cards.


  • Red Red Blue Game