Games Lesson One
Level: Elementary, Year 6
Games Lesson for end of term. Review of :
  • Birthday
  • What's this?/ It's
  • Months
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King and servant, Super Janken game
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Materials Needed

  • Pony for 'Ponyo says' game
  • Flash Cards for 'What's this' game (use laminated ones) (backup).
  • "Let's Challenge" worksheet
  • Months flash cards (big ones and small ones). Need to put some up on the board for all to see and two sets for Super Janken game.
  • Head hitting hammer - to hit people when they are not loud enough.


Warm Up

  • Good morning everyone
  • Hand out Name Tags
  • Ponyo Says - Like Simon Says game. Vocabulary: Stand Up, Sit Down, Turn Around, Clap, Walk, Run, Jump.

Review Games

  • Let's Challenge - Teacher Jump: Split the class into three groups. Assign a teacher to each group. Using the Let's Challenge worksheet, prompt an answer. First team to get correct answer gets a point and the others loose a point. Start by just saying the number / letter, but then maybe:
    1. by prompting them with the answer in English; for example "My Name is ~" for the same response, or "I am from Australia", for the "Where are you from?"
    2. by saying the Japanese and asking them to tell us the English.
Also, throw in the Question "When is your birthday?"
  • King and servant - Months - First go over the months to review - Demonstrate first with two teachers and one student. ALT is the King to begin with. Other three janken to determine order. Say the order, ie, "I am Number One." After first round, make a mistake to demonstrate what happens. Groups of four, in order from One to Four.
...*clap* *clap* *clap* (January!) *clap* *clap* *clap* (Febraury!)...
The person who misses the beat becomes the new number four (note, we are using one, two, three and four instead of King Servant etc).
  • Months - Super Janken game - Break the class into 4 teams. Make two rows of 5 chairs and place a month flash card on each of the chairs. Line up a team at the end of each of the four rows. Demonstrate with JTEs. Also demonstrate what happens when someone is too quiet. A teacher dive point is scored and lost for every end reached. Swap the months at regular intervals. Two teachers for hitting heads and one teacher for changing cards and scoring.


  • What's this: Slow release of flash cards.