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Hey there. I am a JET working in Gunma, Midori City. I came in 2010 and started working on WikiJET when I found I had a large amount of time during the end of term tests (and then again over summer break).

The idea of pooling the collective knowledge and teaching skills of JETs in one place really interests me. One of the things which makes my life as an ALT a lot easier is downloading good teaching ideas and materials from the internet. I have found WikiJET the best place to do that. Although I have to say that the amount of ads is annoying (more about this later).

I want to encourage anyone who feels the inkling to contribute to do so. Maybe you have read a really good lesson plan sitting on your computer. Maybe you have used a lesson plan that you improved upon. Maybe you have some tips for others that are going to be using an existing idea. Or maybe you have some local knowledge about the place where you live or the places you have gone on holidays. Or maybe you just went through a harrowing insurance experience (or something similar) and the information you know know, you really wished you knew last week. Whichever the case, WikiJET is the place for you to share your knowledge!

Happy Editing! --boy.pockets (talkmy boom) 05:10, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

See also a message from Bobo (the wiki creator).

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I guess that is covered by the WikiJET:Written by JETs, for JETs page, but maybe some more specific guidance would be good. Like if you want to write a lesson plan, then try this template etc. What we want is JET specific information. What we don't want is information copied from wikipedia. Use a link if you want, use the pictures where it helps, but don't just copy and past articles.

TODO[edit | edit source]

Write a task list aimed at different user groups.

  1. For the casual editor. - just wants to contribute and does not want to worry about all this wikicrap. These users should not be exposed to too many templates and rules. They just want to put the thing down in the format that they like. Make sure that when they get directed to do something, it does not contain too much wikirubbish. Copy the contents of a template and not a template reference so they can easily see the contents.
    1. Write lesson plans
    2. Write activities
    3. Write regional reports (local knowledge)
    4. Write hand over information (is this even possible - given the public nature of this wiki)
  2. For the advanced editor. - wants to contribute and is interested in all the wikimagic that is going on. These users are interested in making and maintaining templates, categorizing pages and general maintenance. This will be a small user group (if there are enough to call it a group that is). Things like which pages should be focused on...

This page has turned into a bit of a brain dump: it has ideas of changes.

Stock post message.png Things to do for User:Boy.pockets

Ok, so ordering it now a bit better:

  1. Fix up Orphaned pages
  2. Send a message to bob, regarding the following topics;
    1. the state of the wiki and his opinion about `going forward'.
    2. leaving a legacy (ie hand over)
    3. local knowledge
  3. Getting more contributors
    • Advertising to other jets

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