Hello! My name is Andrew Hancock. I come from the UK and I've now returned home after a fantastic 2 year period on the JET Programme. I was working as an ALT in Hita city, Oita Prefecture, where I mainly visited Elementary schools and Junior High schools.

I founded WikiJET in November 2006 with the aim of creating an interactive website that would be of use to JETs all over Japan. I was inspired by Wikipedia to which I also contribute under the same username. The idea of pooling the collective knowledge and teaching skills of JETs in one place really interested me. One of the things which made my life as an ALT a lot easier was downloading good teaching ideas and materials from the internet. But I found there was nowhere I could contribute my own ideas that I'd found to work well. So I decided to create WikiJET.

Now that I've finished my time on JET, I plan to step back from the content creation side of things and just help with the general maintenance of the website. Hopefully current JETs will step in to fill that role!

I hope that other people will see the example pages I and others have created and feel inspired enough to contribute some material of their own!

If you'd like to contact me, please leave a message on my talk page.

Thanks for visiting WikiJET and I hope you find the website useful.

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