Time: 30-40min

This is designed for Writing and Listening and is good for Junior High and Senior High. Word by word and sentence by sentence, students create a story from the prompts of the teacher. The stories are passed around as they are written, producing interesting results.


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Materials Needed[]

Worksheet and questions: The worksheet (page 1) is given to the students, and the question sheet (page 2) is kept by the teacher to be read out.


Organise the students into pairs. Give each pair a worksheet to work on together. Use the questions on the question sheet to prompt the students to write. After each prompt (allowing time for the students to write their answers), ask the students to fold the paper over to hide their writing and pass it on to the next pair. Continue until all the prompts/questions have been given.

Tell the students that they can now unfold their papers (that have been circling around the room). Ask some pairs to read out their paper aloud to the class.


You can have the students write their words/sentences in groups or individually. Obviously the bigger the group, the fewer the stories.

Follow up[]

Although you should read one or two of the stories at the end, it is nice to keep a few up your sleeve to whip out at the start of a lesson to get everyone laughing.


This activity was taken from Planet Eigo, first edition; consequences page 134.


Some students will write rude words/sentences as the process is more or less anonymous. Check with your JTE before doing this exercise if you think your students might be the type to do this.