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Tsubata Town (津幡町 Tsubata-machi ?) is a suburban town located in the center of Ishikawa Prefecture with a population of about 38,000 people. It is in the Kahoku region of central Ishikawa about 20 minutes northeast of Kanazawa City by train or car.


Getting inEdit

To/from the airportEdit

The nearest airport to Tsubata is Komatsu Airport. Komatsu Airport bus services leave JR Komatsu Station every 20-30 minutes (12 min, ¥260). To get to Komatsu, take the JR Hokuriku line from Tsubata Station to Komatsu Station.

By trainEdit

There are 5 train stations in Tsubata. Both the JR Nanao line and the JR Hokuriku line stops in Tsubata. The largest station is Tsubata station(津幡駅). Both the JR Nanao line and the JR Hokuriku line stops there. Nakatsubata (中津幡駅) ,Hontsubata(本津幡駅), and Nose (能瀬駅) stations are on the JR Nanao line only. Kurikara station (倶利伽羅駅) is on the Hokuriku line only. The Nanao line runs about every hour. The Hokuriku line runs every 20-40 minutes depending on time of day.

By busEdit

There is a local bus that runs through Tsubata irregularly. There is also a bus that runs to and from the Korinbo 109 bus stop in Katamachi (片町)and Tsubata, Nakatsubata, and Hontsubata stations.

By carEdit

Tsubata is easily accessible from Route 8, 59, 159 or the Noto Yuriyo. Most street signs are in English as well as Japanese.

Getting aroundEdit

It is easy to get around the main part of town by foot, bike, or car. Trains and buses are also available.


JET placementsEdit

There are 3 JETs in Tsubata - 2 municipal ALTs and 1 CIR. The ALTs teach both junior high and elementary school. The CIR teaches at pre-schools.



The Tsubata Festival is around the first weekend of August of every year. There is an amateur sumo tournament, dancing, various performances, food stalls, a rigata race, and fireworks.



  • Plant 3, (It is located off of the Sho exit on Route 8. The closest train station is Hontsubata.), a Wal-Mart-like superstore selling almost anything you might need cheaply and sometimes in bulk. They have an extensive grocery section (including some international foods) as well as cheap furniture, appliances, and bedding. It’s a one stop shop, but very busy on the weekends.


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