Treasure Hunt

Playing the Treasure Hunt game

This is designed for Reading and Speaking and is good for Elementary school and Junior High. It is also a perfect vocabulary review exercise. Students must shout out English words to move their team's counter around the board to collect treasure. Two teams competing on the same board at the same time gets the kids nice and excited. You need to prepare a few materials for this game, but it's worth the effort and once you've made them you can use them again and again.

Materials requiredEdit

  • A large game board grid of vocabulary
  • Magnetic treasure pieces to place on the board
  • Two larger magnetic team counters


  • Teach your target vocabulary (eg. numbers 0-100)
  • Put the large game board onto the board. Make sure it's pretty flat with few creases to prevent the magnets popping off mid-game.
  • Show the treasure pieces to the class. Place the magnetic treasure pieces evenly on the board grid.
  • Split the class down the middle into two teams. Give each team a name and show them their counter (eg. Alien team and Rocket team). Place each team's counter at the edge of the board. One team is controlled by the ALT, other other by the JTE.
  • Demonstrate the game procedure with a bright student:
The student gets out of their seat, runs to the blackboard and must shout out the vocabulary of the square they wish to move their team's counter to (eg. 35 = "thirty-five"). Vertical and horizontal moves are ok but diagonals are not. The teacher moves the counter to the new square. The student returns to their seat, and the next student runs to the board and repeats. If the square landed on contains a treasure piece, it is collected for that team.
  • Once the kids get it, have a quick practice run to cement their understanding. Both teams run simultaneously and are competing for the same treasure on the same board.
  • When all of the treasure pieces have been collected, the game ends. Have everyone sit down and count both team's pieces to find the winning team.


This activity can also be used as a grammar review. Instead of just saying the words, the students must use the word in a sentence.

  1. Using only one particular sentence, e.g. I like dogs.
  2. Using a set number of sentences, e.g. reviewing the last chapter of the text book.
  3. Using any sentence they can think of.


Treasure piecesEdit

Print about 20 of these treasure pieces and stick them to magentic sheet. Make sure they're not too big to obscure the individual vocab squares on the game grid.

Team countersEdit

Print out one counter for each team and stick it to magnetic sheet. The counter should fill a grid square completely.

Game boardsEdit

All game boards need to be nice and big so that the vocabulary in the squares can be seen easily.

Numbers 0-100 - Number gameboard (Excel spreadsheet) - Print out in A4 and then enlarge with a banner-making machine at school.

Weather - Weather gameboard (Excel spreadsheet) - Print out 4 copies in either B4 or A3 and stick and paste together to make one grid. Associated flashcards can be printed out from the weather flashcards page.


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