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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a short "Ghost" story. It is a good candidate to adapt for a Halloween English lesson. This page describes how to make a puppet show with the story and combine the show with the gambling game.

Materials Needed[]

You need the puppets and the backdrops. You also need the same items for the gambling game. Here is a list of items to make for the puppet show:


This is very much a listening activity. As you are only going to do the play once, you need to make sure that they are listening properly. Give specific instructions for the students to take notes on every scene. Emphasise that it is fine to write notes in Japanese. Give an indication as to what type of questions you are going to ask. For example, if you are going to ask about names, then make sure you tell them to write down the names. I suggest taking a break between each act and getting them to write a summary. For example, what happened where to who?


Draft Questions[]

  • What is Ichibod’s Job?
    • Ichibodの仕事がなんですか。
  • What are some monsters in Ghost stories (name three)?
    • ゴーストストーリーにはどんな怪物がでてきますか?名前を3つあげてください。
  • What subjects does Ichibod teach (name 2)?
    • Ichibodは何の教科を教えていますか。名前を2つあげてください。
  • Where does Katrina live?
    • カトリーナはどこで住んでいますか。
  • What day is the party on?
    • パーティーは何曜日ですか。
  • Who does Katrina invite?
    • カトリーナは誰を招待するのですか?
  • What does the farmer give Ichibod?
    • 農民は何をIchibodにあげましたか。
  • What is the name of the horse?
    • 馬の名前は何ですか?
  • Does Katrina’s father know Ichibod?
    • カトリーナのお父さんはIchibodを知っていますか?
  • When Katrina was dancing with Bones, was she thirsty?
    • Bonesと踊っていた時、カトリーナはのどが渇いてましたか。
  • What does Bones like?
    • Bonesは何が好きですか?


Memo (メモ)

Act One (第1幕)

Act Two (第2幕)

Act Three (第3幕)

Act Four (第4幕)

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