This is designed for Listening and Speaking and is good for Elementary school.
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This template is used to give a quick reference to activities and improve navigation.
Type {{Lesson Infobox}} into a lesson plan/activity page to give a quick indication of what the lesson contains.


parameter name possible values description
skills rwls r (Read) w (Write) l (Listen) s (Speak) are the four skills that we break the lessons up on. There can be more than one skill per lesson plan/activity. If the activity is reading and writing, then you would use skills=rw. See Category:Skill
level pejs p (Preschool) e (Elementary) j (Junior high school) s (Senior high school) are the level of schooling. See category Category:School Types.
type wvgcAslp w (Warm-ups) v (Vocabulary) g (Grammar review) c (Cultural Exchange) A (gAmes) s (Small classes) l (Large classes) p (Phonics) are the types of activities. See Category:Activity type.
parameter name description
textbooks (optional) links to put in the textbook section
resources (optional) links to put in the resource section
time (optional) the time range that the lesson might take (eg, 10-20min). If it is not specified, then this section is not displayed.
image (optional) The image to display. Specify it like this [[Image:keshigomu.jpg|190px|alt=Keshigomu fun!]]
description (optional) The first paragraph that describes the lesson. If this is not set, the template will try and make a summary based on the other information (school type and skills).
pre-description (optional and only visible if description is not specified) Text before the automated description (if you still want to use the automated description, otherwise, just specify description).
post-description (optional and only visible if description is not specified) Text after the automated description (if you still want to use the automated description, otherwise, just specify description).
grammar If you specify that the lesson has a grammar component, then specify the grammar patterns here.

Sample output

Input Output
{{Lesson Infobox |time= |skills= |level= |type= |textbooks= |resources=}} gives...

This is designed for all skills and is good for any grade level.

{{Lesson Infobox|skills=rw|level=pejs|type=wvgcAsl}} gives...

This is designed for Reading and Writing and is good for PreschoolElementary schoolJunior High and Senior High.
{{Lesson Infobox| skills=wl| level=wvl| type=w|time=10-20min| textbooks={{NH|1|2}}| resources=[[Fruit flashcards]]|image= [[Image:keshigomu.jpg|190px|alt=Keshigomu fun!]]}} gives...
Time: 10-20min
Keshigomu fun!
This is designed for Writing and Listening and is good for any grade level.
{Lesson Infobox| skills=wl| level=wvl| type=w| time=10-20min| textbooks={{NH|1|2}}| resources=[[Fruit flashcards]]| image= [[Image:keshigomu.jpg|190px|alt=Keshigomu fun!]]|pre-description=This is the pre description|description=This overrides the automatically created description.|grammar=this is the grammar point}} gives...

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