Time: 10-20min

This is designed for Reading and Speaking and is good for Junior High. This activity can be used to directly target a grammar point (or a number of grammar points). It is a fast pace game that keeps most students concentrating, even though only one student is answering at a time.


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Materials Needed[]

  • Flashcards with example sentences scrambled up. Breaking the sentence into three or four blocks of words. Mix up the size, and position of the parts (colouring the different parts to stop it being too confusing).
    • If you are targetting a number of grammar points, supply the students with a cheat sheet with examples of the grammar points for quick reference.
  • A random way to select students (pulling names out of a hat, for example).
  • A way to keep score.


Set up[]

  • Divide the students into teams (maybe teams of five or six students).
  • Explain the method of keeping score.
  • Demonstrate how the flashcards work. Maybe hold an easy one up and ask students to raise their hands (if they have just been studying the grammar point, one of the upper level students should be able to get it without much prompting)


  • The JTE:
    • judging when a student has given a sufficient answer (they know the students best in most cases)
    • holding up the flashcards
  • The ALT:
    • Time keeper
    • Selecting the new student to answer the question
    • Keeping score

The jig[]

  • The JTE holds up a flashcard and then the ALT calls out a random name.
  • Once the name has been called out, the student has 10 seconds to read the sentence correctly.
  • The JTE says "safe" when the student completes the sentence and the ALT adds a point.
  • If the 10 seconds lapses before the JTE says safe, the ALT says "time" and calls the next students name (picked at random).
  • The next student tries the sentence.
  • A new sentence is only shown when the last one has been answered correctly.


  • Be sure to use A3 paper so the students up the back can see too.
  • For the best looking word scramble flashcards, use (it will take longer, but it will look much better than MS Word).
  • Vary the time for answers depending on the class, but be brutal sticking to that time.