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The String Game is a simple activity to practice a target vocabulary or sentence. Simple hold the piece of string and say the target vocabulary (for example, "Hello, my name is ...") and then pass it on to someone else (random). They then say the vocabulary and pass on the string again.


This is a good activity for those who appreciate tactile learning. It does not have to be a piece of string; a ball or stuffed toy will be just as good.

Being able to throw the item is good when you want the activity to be fast paced. If students are getting bored with vocabulary/pronunciation review, throwing a ball at them as part of the activity can make them pay attention more.

Class size[]

This activity will work in most class sizes. Small class sizes work particularly well as you can afford to spend more time with each student.


Remember, this is not a substitute for practice. For new vocabulary and sentence structures, the students will still need to practice it (for example, repeating practice) before they can do this activity.

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