Time: 5-15min

This activity is about matching Japanese and English vocabulary cards. This is designed for Reading and is good for Junior High.


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Cool name(s) for this activity:

  • "1,2,3 pass"

Materials Needed[]

16 sets of Japanese and English flashcards pairs per group (of four students). So, about 80 pairs of cards for a class of 20 students. Third year flashcards (45 unique pairs)(pdf) (based on New Horizon vocabulary).


  1. Split class into groups of four or five students.
  2. Without showing them, deal four cards to each student.
  3. All but one student contributes a marker to the centre of the circle (an eraser for example). These markers are for the students to grab someone gets rid of all their cards. There will be one student at the end without a marker.
  4. Students get rid of their pairs by matching the English and Japanese vocabulary. They pass on and take a single card with every new round. Students say "1, 2, 3, pass" to signal the new round.
  5. The first student to finish grabs a marker and the others follow suit.
  6. The student without a marker must do a challenge.


This activity was taken from the 2010 Mid-Year Seminar 2010 in Gunma.