Sample Judging Criteria[]

Phonetically Viewed (10 points)[]

  • Pronunciation: Is each word clear?
  • Volume: Can you hear well?
  • Intonation: Does the expression vary? Can you hear the rise and fall in the pitch in their voice?
  • Pace: Is the rhythm, speed and momentum maintained?

Content (10 points)[]

  • What is the quality of their subject matter?
    • Did you want to keep listening?
    • Did you learn something?
    • Did it motivate you?
  • What is the quality of their choice of wording?
  • Is the speech clearly organised?

Expression (10 points)[]

  • Is there good use of eye contact?
  • Does the speaker appear relaxed and confident?
  • Is there effective use of emotion (e.g. humor, anger, sadness)?
  • Does the speaker hold the attention of the audience?
  • Is the speech memorised?
    • No Penalty: quickly checking the paper a few times for reference.
    • Minor Penalty: Exceeding 5 minute time frame will result in a penalty.
    • Minor Penalty: Excessively checking their paper will result in a penalty (referencing paper more than 4 or 5 times).
    • Minor Penalty: Extended periods of checking will result in a penalty (staring at the paper for a long time).
    • Major Penalty: Directly reading their speech will result in a penalty.

The severity of each penalty is left to the discretion of each individual judge