Special Interest AJET groups are groups that share common interests but do not fall in to regular nationality, language, or prefectural listings on the AJET website. Some of these groups require membership fees but the benefit can easily balance out the cost.

see below for a list of special interest AJET groups

AMSIG - Anime & Manga[]



Buddhism & Meditation[]

Family JETs[]

Go M.A.D.[]

Habitat for Humanity[]

JET Christian Fellowship[]

JCF exists to encourage and support Christian participants of the JET program by helping them connect with local churches as well as other Christians living in Japan. We'd love to be a resource for you during your time in Japan.


Facebook Group:

JETs of African Descent[]



Diggin in the dirt! I'm an expat living in Nio, Kagawa I've turned my tanbo into a western-style garden and wanna share the fun. Kota Mii; 0875-82-4240 and leave a message.

PEPY Ride[]


Socially Responsible Investment SIG is an online community of people interested in ethical and environmentally friendly investments. Members of SRI research, discuss, and share information on such investments. Members can simply enjoy the discussion and research and witness the application of investment decisions.


Membership is free.

Stonewall Japan[]

Stonewall Japan is a group for LGBTQ members of the JET community and anyone else who lives in Japan. Stonewall Japan strives to provide resources and support. We recognize that being queer in Japan can bring about various frustrations and challenges, and we're a community who's always ready to help. 

Membership is free and we welcome all members of the LGBTQ community and allies. Check out our website and join the Facebook group and join our other 500 members. 

Click here to view the website

Stonewall also has a Facebook group at


Traveling SIG is an online forum for JETs to discuss, plan and locate travel partners for trips domestically and internationally.


A.K.A. Herbaceous. Membership is avaliable through the AJET website or a Yahoo Group. Herbaceous is envisioned as a support resource for vegans and vegetarians. Thier intention is to provide as much useful and pertinent information as possible in regards to being vegan or vegetarian in Japan. The group also looks to ensure that such dietary requirements are met at JET functions, i.e. the Tokyo Orientation, Re-contracting Conferences, etc.


Membership is free and open to everyone.


The aim of the Women’s SIG is to inform, support and communicate with women on the JET Programme. They claim commitment to creating an environment where there is no discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion, race, nationality, ethnicity, or ability.


500 yen