Snatch is a simple vocabulary practice game that uses speaking and listening skills, and is very easy to explain. It's ideal for Elementary grades 1-3, but could be used at any level.

Materials required[]

  • One rubber/eraser (or another easy to grab object) for each pair of kids
  • Flashcards of the target vocabulary


  • Teach your target vocabulary with your flashcards. Line them up on the blackboard.
  • Get the class into pairs. If you have an odd number of kids then you can form one group of three.
  • In their pairs, the kids must place the rubber/eraser at an equal distance between them.
  • Tell the class which of the vocabulary cards is the "Snatch word". (e.g. "Banana is the Snatch word.")
  • Have all the kids look at you (not the rubber!) and listen to your pronunciation while you say words from the vocabulary set (listening practice). Have the kids repeat each word after you say it (speaking practice). (e.g. ALT: "Apple.", Kids: "Apple.", ALT: "Orange.", Kids: "Orange.")
  • Once you say the "Snatch word", the kids must snatch the rubber/eraser before their partner does. The kid who manages to grab it wins! Resolve disputes with janken.
  • Repeat as required.