Time: 20 min

This is designed for ReadingListening and Speaking and is good for Junior High and Senior High.


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This activity practices changing the point of view of the sentence. For example "You like me." is from my point of view speaking to you. To change it around, you would say "I like you". With New Horizon, students learn all these in Unit 7 of book one. Although the material is covered in the first year, it can be reviewed by the second year too.

Materials Needed[]

  • Enough unique cards for at least one card per students. Then some copies of the card so that the students can come back for more when they loose their card. The card should have a sentence from the two points of view; "You like me." and "I like you".
  • (optional) a poster to show how the words change ("my" becomes "your"). See page 70 of New Horizon One for such a table.


  • Demonstrate with the JTE how to play.
  • Practice with a few sentences, testing some of the students.
  • Each students get one card.
  • Check that they can read all the words; perhaps get them to practice their sentence
  • Students stand up and walk around the room, looking for people to talk with.
  • When they meet someone, Say "Hello" and Janken.
  • The looser must read their sentence and the winner gets the chance to reply.
  • If the reply is correct (according to the card), the winner gets to keep the loosers card.
    • When a student has more than one card, they can choose which card to read (they want to choose the harder one so that it is harder to answer)
    • When a student has no cards, they go to the ALT or JTE and say; "Help me! Please give me a new card" and they recieve a new card.
  • If the reply is incorrect, the looser reads the correct sentence and they both move on.
  • The goal is to get the most cards


Two students meet, "Hello" they both say to each other. They Janken, with Ken loosing.

  • Ken reads the top sentence of his card "You like me".
  • Mary thinks and then replies with the correct answer "I like you".
  • Ken looks at his card and realises (sadly) that the answer is correct, handing over the card.
  • They both say "goodbye", Mary looks for a new partner and Ken finds a teacher to ask a new card from.


This can be a difficult task for many of the students. It is therfore, essential that the students understand the concept. Ensure that the class get enough practice before letting them try it themselves.

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