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I used this in my second and third year Junior High School classes and it was one of the best activities that I have done. The best part was when the most reserved student I have ever met was calling me over to his desk so that I could explain a new word to him. That was something.


I used custom cards, which included the students and the teachers names. We were practicing the sentence structure I think that noun is adjective. They really enjoyed making funny combinations and discovering what the new words meant.

Lessons Learnt[]

Although it was a great lesson it could have been improved by insisting more that the student say the sentence each time they play a new card. Also at the start of the activity we should have explained to them what they should do if they don't understand a word (ie, for adjectives, read the synonyms, if they still don't understand and for the nouns, ask the teachers or look it up in a dictionary).