Time: 20min

This is designed for ReadingListening and Speaking and is good for Junior High.


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This game takes a simple sentences and gets students to convert it to either a negative or aquestion. For example;

  • This is Teppei.
    • negative: This is not Teppei.
    • question: Is this Teppei?

Students build (convert) sentences to win new cards.

Materials Needed[]

Enough unique cards for at least one per student and enough cards for about 3 per student. The cards have a positive statement, with;

  • The Japanese translation (optional),
  • The negative equivalent of the statement, and
  • The statement in question form.


  • Demonstrate how to play with the JTE.
  • Practice a few of the sentences and check with the students to make sure that they understand.
  • A card is given to each student.
  • Students stand up and walk around, looking for a partner to speak with. Saying "Hello" when they meet.
  • They Janken, with the loser reading out the statement on their card.
  • The loser either says "Negative, please." or "Question, please".
  • The winner then must say the correct sentence in return.
  • If the winner can do this, they get to keep the loser's card.
  • If they can not, no cards are changed and both move on to find another person to talk to.
  • If a student has more than one card, he/she can choose which card to read.
  • If a student has no cards, then he/she should find a teacher and ask "Please help me, I have no cards.", where the teacher will give the student a new card.
  • The aim of the game is to get the most cards and/or get specific "star" cards.


As this is fairly early on (unit 4 of New Horizon 1), it might be too hard for many of the students, in that case you can try a similar activity with more of a team focus: Team sentence builder.

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