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Your "Self Introduction" lesson could be one of the most important lessons you give to your classes; it is the students first impression of you as a teacher and it sets the tone for future classes. It is usually the first lesson that you give to a class. This is when you are given the chance to tell the students about where you come from and who you are.

Materials Needed[]

As much Realia as possible.


Simple things about yourself. Who you are and where you come from.


Get your kids to do the talking[]

Instead of doing all the talking, there are ways of getting the students to do the talking for you. One way to lose a class is to talk at them for 45 min with no interaction.

On the board, draw a big circle and write a number of nouns in it that relate to you somehow. For example, if you play the guitar then put guitar. If you have 4 siblings, then write up "four". You can add pictures of items too. Make enough so that most, if not all the class will be able to have a go. Now, get the students to ask you questions using the words on the board. If you answer yes to one of the questions, then you can cross out the word.

Depending on level, you can add remove some rules:

  • Put a ban on the verb like.
  • Have everyone stand up. They can only sit down when they have got an answer right.
  • Any question (correct or not) gets a point/prize.


Try to be as interactive as possible. Ask questions that the kids can answer. For example, "Do you know what country this is?" (pointing at a map).

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