Satsuma (さつま町) is a small town located in the center of Kagoshima Prefecture in the region known as Hokkusatsu, and has a population of about 25,688.

The town of Satsuma consists of three main divisions: Miyanojo, Satsuma, and Tsuruda. To the north lies the Shibi mountain range with the cities of Izumi (N) and Okuchi (NE). To the east lies Yuusui (湧水町) and Kirishima (霧島市). To the west lies the closest city of Satsuma-Sendai (薩摩川内市). To the south lies Iriki (入来町) and Kedouin (祁答院町), including the Iriki moutain range that separates Satsuma from Kagoshima City.


Most people in the town of Satsuma drive or use the bus. Buses are available from Miyanojo that go to Kagoshima City (鹿児島市), Satsuma-Sendai City (薩摩川内市), Izumi City (出水市), Okuchi (大口) and the airport (空港).


The town of Satsuma usually has two ALTs, both of whom live in Miyanojo.

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