This article will guide you through the process of printing flashcards from WikiJET.

  • First of all choose the flashcard you wish to print from one of the flashcard pages.
  • Click on the small thumbnail of the flashcard. This will take you to the bigger version. The page title will be of the format "Image:XXXX.png"
  • Right-click on the big image and choose Copy (コピー in Japanese).
  • Open an image handling program such as Paint. (Start->Accessories->Paint or スタート->アクセサリ->ペイント)
  • Choose Edit->Paste (編集->貼り付け) from the menu bar and the image will be pasted into the window.
  • Go to Page Setup window (File->Page setup or ファイル->ページ設定) and XXXX (in the 拡大縮小 box choose 適合: 1 x 1) to have the image print at maximum size on one page only.

Not finished! Would somebody with access to an all Japanese Windows operating system please finish off these instructions?


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