Time: 10-20min

This is designed for Listening and is good for Junior High. Students practice distinguishing between constant sounds through a fun game.


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Materials Needed[]

Nothing! Optional; cards of the letters you want to practice.


b v
r l

Students are divided into teams. The target sounds are written on the blackboard as letters. The first student from each group stands up in front of the blackboard with a fan. The teacher says a word which uses a target sound, and the students have to hit the letter which makes that sound. The first student to hit the correct letter is the winner.


Have the students stand in lines to save time while taking turns.


Vowel sound variation[]

This variation of the game distinguishes between different vowel sounds. Instead of using letters, use picture cards to represent the particular sounds. The teacher will say a word, and the students have to hit the picture with the same vowel sound.

Y-Sound Variation[]

This variation concentrates on the 'y' sound. Write the kanji for 'year' (年 (ねん - nen?)) and 'ear' (耳 (みみ mimi?)) on the blackboard. Say the word 'year' or 'ear', and students have to hit the correct kanji.

Two-Word Variation[]

This variation concentrates on only two words. Write two similar words on the blackboard, such as 'right' and 'light' and the students have to hit the correct word. See Pronunciation problems for a comprehensive list.

Karuta Variation[]

In a similar fashion to how Karuta is played, students in a group have the cards in front of them and try to be the first to hit them. This variation enables a higher level of student involvement.


This lesson plan was taken from the sixth edition of Team Taught Pizza.

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