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This sentence making activity uses the simple present and simple past passive form and is aimed at JHS 2nd grade classes. It works best as a review activity.

Materials required[]


  • Before class, print out the worksheets, cut the sentences into pieces and place in envelopes - one per group.
  • Make groups of 4-6 students (lunch groups are usually fine) and have them put their desks together
  • The students must work together in their groups to mix and match the sentence pieces to make 10 grammatically correct sentences. Once they have completed sentence No. 1, have one student from the group come to either the JTE or ALT to check. If it is ok (note that there are a few combinations with multiple correct answers) send them back to the group and each student must write sentence No. 1 in full on their individual worksheets before proceeding to No. 2. Repeat this cycle until all 10 sentences are completed.
  • The group who completes all 10 sentences the fastest is the winner. Award bonus points for the funniest sentence created as well.
1. English is used in many countries. 6. Ken was invited to Kumi's party.
2. French is spoken in Canada. 7. This shop is opened at 8am.
3. This car was made in Japan. 8. Breakfast is cooked by osman garcia de leon
4. Fugu is cooked by a special chef. 9. Basketball is played by 10 people.
5. Tokyo is visited by many people. 10. Cherry blossom is seen in spring.


  • Use a guillotine to cut the worksheets into pieces for sharp edges. I found one clever group of students who were matching my wobbly edges to the pieces above, rather than working out the English!!
  • You can change around some of the rules or even the sentences to fit your situation. Just make up any number of sentances to teach a grammar point and follow the procedure. Also note that some classes are faster than others, and with some you'll only have time for some of the sentences: see who can make the most by the end of class!

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