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Niigata Prefecture (新潟県 Niigata-ken?) is located on the north coast of Honshu. Although it is technically part of the Chubu region, Niigata is often integrated with the Tohoku region, such as in public transportation routes in the north. It is in AJET Bloc 2 and is currently home to 102 JETs.

Cities, towns and villagesEdit

The following is a list of places in Niigata Prefecture where JETs are placed. Niigata AJET separates the towns into 6 different blocks.

Kaetsu BlockEdit

Niigata City BlockEdit

Chuetsu BlockEdit

Yukiguni BlockEdit

Joetsu (JIM) BlockEdit

Sado BlockEdit

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Community ServiceEdit

The charity work in Niigata used to be processed through the Niigata International Charity Organization (NICO), but it has been disbanded. As of 2012, charity and community service has operated through Niigata AJET.

AJET Charity MusicalEdit

The largest charity program in AJET. The musical typically features an original show with ALTs and CIRs as cast and crew members. In 2017, they had 7 shows: Niigata City, Kariwa, Joetsu, Arakawa, Gosen, Tokamachi and Sado.

English CampsEdit

Skills AuctionEdit

The first Skills Auction was held in the fall of 2013 in Niigata City. It was featured as a Bloc 2-wide event.

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Niigata Rice

Anime and Manga

Snow, Skiing, and Snowboarding

Toki bird

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