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Nagasaki Prefecture (長崎県 Nagasaki-ken?) is located in the west of Kyushu island.

Nagasaki-ken Map

Incoming JETsEdit

Find your placements and your predecessor as well as other useful information at Incoming JETs, Outgoing JETs, and Nagasaki Placements.

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Traveling AbroadEdit

Traveling within JapanEdit

  • Japan Rail - This link takes you to the main page for Japan Rail Pass and Japanese trains
  • JR Kyushu - This link will take you to the Timetables & Fares page. Click on the regional map for Kyushu to see the routes, timetables, and fares for Kyushu. Route #41 (Hakata - Sasebo - Nagasaki) is very convenient
  • Hyperdia - This allows you to do specific point-to-point searches for train routes in Japan
  • Highway Buses - Buses are usually cheaper than the trains, and using overnight buses can save you on the cost of accomodation for the night, too!

Friends VisitingEdit

Teaching EnglishEdit

  • Professional Organizations
    • Japan Association for Language Teaching - JALT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving language teaching in Japan and abroad.
      • Nagasaki JALT - Getting involved in this organization will not only provide you with innovative ideas and resources you can use in the classroom, but it will also give you networking opportunities with publishers, teachers at all levels (elementary to university level), and noted outstanding leaders in the field. Meetings are usually once a month in Nagasaki City.
      • Kyushu JALT
  • Lesson Planning


Outgoing JETsEdit

Cities, towns and villages by blockEdit

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The following is a list of places in Nagasaki Prefecture where JETs are placed.

Goto BlockEdit

Hokusho BlockEdit

Iki BlockEdit

Isahaya BlockEdit

Nagasaki BlockEdit

Omura BlockEdit

Sasebo BlockEdit

Shimabara BlockEdit

Tsushima BlockEdit

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