iMihara (三原市 mihara-shi?) is a city located on the south-eastern coast of Hiroshima Prefecture with a population of about 99,636 people, containing multiple districts and towns. Sitting right on the Seto-Inland Sea, Mihara is an ideal place to meet up with friends from around the prefecture. While not quite as popular as the neighboring Onomichi, Mihara is an often over-looked town that has plenty of things to do and see. From beautiful Poporo Park to the Buttsuji Temple, Mihara is steeped in traditional beauty and Japanese culture. Plus, you must try the Octopus! It's Mihara's most famous food!

Mihara Municipal Area


Getting in and around[]

To/from the airport[]

Hiroshima International Airport is located in Mihara. Access to central Mihara from the airport is available by bus, or car via interstate 49, or 82 to the 33, both connect to Interstate 2 going east directly into downtown Mihara.

By train[]

JR Mihara Station is built upon the remains of Mihara Castle and serves the JR Sanyo Line and Kure Line. It is also a KODAMA stop on the Shinkansen (bullet train). By the JR line, it takes about 10 min to get to Onomichi, 30 min to get to Fukuyama and 1 hr 15min to get to Hiroshima City. By the Kure Line, it takes about 1 hr 40 min to get to Kure. By Shinkansen, it takes a mere 25 minutes to get to Hiroshima City and only 1 hr 30 min to get to Osaka.

By bus[]

Beyond the local buses, Mihara's bus system has routes with service to Hiroshima, the airport, and many other major cities and locations in and outside Hiroshima Prefecture. The bus terminal is located directly in front of Mihara Station. There are plenty of different buses that travel to all parts of the Mihara area including Kui, Hongo, etc. There are also buses that travel to Takehara, but very rarely. The bus to Onomichi has been discontinued. Airport Limousine: The bus to Hiroshima airport leaves in front of the station and takes about 40 mins to get there. For the schedule, see [1].

By car[]

The largest interstate is #2 extending west as far as Shimonoseki and east as far as Osaka. The nearest Highway interchange is a short drive north from central Mihara (on Interstate 25) in the town of Kui. You can take Route 2 west to get to Hongo or you can take the highway east, which will take you to Onomichi and Fukuyama. It's very scenic but can be a little slow during rush hour. The fastest way to get to Mihara by car would be by taking the Sanyo Expressway. The Sanyo Expressway will take you all the way to Hiroshima, as well as all the way up to the Kansai area. To get to Kui-cho, you will take Route 25 north into the mountains. You can get to Kui in about 25 minutes by car.

By Ferry[]

The Mihara Ferry Port is located across from Mihara Station, on the opposite side of the highway, Route 2. There are ferries that will take you to nearly all of the neighboring islands in the Seto Inland Sea, such as Innoshima, Omishima, and Osakikamijima. All ferries leave from this port.


JET placements[]

There are currently 4 JET positions in the Mihara BOE and several more within the Mihara area, through the Hiroshima Prefectural BOE.

Incoming/Outgoing JETs[]

Foreign community[]


Places to visit[]

Mount Fudekage (筆影山 - 311 meters) is a popular hiking destination south of Mihara City. The plateau at the summit features a brand new viewing platform and a small cherry tree picnic field. Mount Ryuou (竜王山 - 445 meters) and various scenic spots can be reached via the hiking trails on the mountain.

Buttsuji Temple (佛通寺) A bus ride from Mihara station. Very beautiful in Autumn. See here for details.

Sunami Beach Park (すなみ海浜公園管理棟) Sunami Beach Park was internationally recognized for its “barrier-free” design. It is a 20 min bus ride from Mihara station on the Seto Inland Sea. There are picnic benches and a nice Italian restaurant nearby.

Mihara Onsen (みはらし温泉夢の宿) The water is at a temperature of 45.1℃ which makes it the hottest hot spring in Hiroshima prefecture. There are 26 baths to choose from including a bubble bath. At the onsen you will also find lodgings a seafood restaurant and karaoke room. It is a 15 min bus ride from Mihara station and costs 1,410 yen (for three hours)

Chu Shinrin Park and Sankeien Garden (中森林公園三原) Right by Hiroshima airport. A huge natural park comprised of a rich green forest. Within the park, there is an observation plaza, a forest where non-native trees are planted, and a cycling road, which is 13.6 Km in circumference, where international bicycle races are held. The strolling-type of Japanese garden called Sankeien Garden is very pretty and has seasonal blooming flowers all year round.


Yassa Matsuri -  Probably the first real festival you will experience in Japan. It is held the second weekend of August. Many people perform the 430 year old Yassa dance, even the new JETs.

Shinmeichi Festival - The second weekend of February. Be sure to buy the Daruma (Dharma figure) for good luck.


Mihara has stores for all of the bare essentials you would need in your every day life. Although the variety of Mihara's shopping is not quite as diverse as bigger cities like Hiroshima City and Fukuyama, you will find plenty of markets, pharmacies and clothing stores to supply you with your daily needs.


  • Aeon, 三原市城町2-13-1, 0848-62-8888, [2]. AEON is a large department store which is a 10min walk East from the station, along Route 2. Here you can find a few clothing shops which have larger sizes. There is also a 100yen store on the second floor. As well there is a very large grocery store and bike shop loca ted on the first floor. There is a food court area that has a good Italian-Pizza restaurant, a family restaurant, and a few other good places to eat. There is even a KFC next to the market.
  • Every (エブリイ 三原店), 三原市城町2丁目13-48, 0848-61-4080, [3]. Every is a smaller but cheaper market located right next to JUSCO along Route 2. It's a very convenient place to shop for cheaper meats and vegetables. They also have very delicious bentos for a quick bite.
  • Fresta (フレスタ三原店), 三原市頼兼1-1-35, 0848-67-7766, [4]. A super grocery store. Quite far from the train station, but it houses some imported food and sweets.

Department stores[]

  • Fuji-Grand (フジグラン三原), 三原市円一町1丁目1−7, 0848-61-0011, [5]. Fuji Grand is the largest mall in Mihara. While fairly similar to the shopping that JUSCO offers, this mall boasts a wider variety of stores as well as a bigger market. You'll have the best luck finding foreign foods at Fuji Grand. The mall has many clothing stores, an electronic section, a McDonalds, and even has a Baskin Robbins on the first floor. There is also a very large pet shop located on the northern side of the mall. Fuji Grand is surrounded by many kinds of restaurants. Fuji-Grande is about a 20min walk south from the station, across the river.

Home & Garden stores[]

  • Daiki (ダイキ(株)三原円一店), 三原市頼兼1丁目1番38号, 0848-67-5566, [6]. Daiki is a large home improvement store where you can buy larger items like cleaning supplies and trash cans to furnish your apartment. It's a very useful store. It's located in a shopping center about a 5 min walk west of Fuji Grand.


  • Shop name here, Description here


  • Himawari (スーパードラッグひまわり), 三原市城町二丁目13番48号,三原市円一町2丁目6番27号, 0848-61-0185, [7]. Himawari is a drug store where you can buy toiletries, medicine, cleaning supplies, and many other important items that aren't food related. There are three Himawaris in Mihara. One is next to the Every Market on Route 2. Another is located in Miyaura-Cho, in close proximity to Miyaura Junior High School. And the other is located next to the Daiki, which is about a 5 minute walk west of Fuji Grand.
  • UNIQLO (ユニクロ 三原店), 三原市宮浦3-35-11, 0848-60-0282, [8]. Uniqlo a cheap clothing shop with larger sizes and a casual and business selection of clothing. It's located in Miyaura-cho which is a 25 minute walk west of Mihara Station.
  • EDION (エディオン三原店), 三原市宮浦4丁目9−12, 0848-62-5111, Edion, formerly known as Deo Deo, is a a large electronics shop where you can find any electronic you can think of from cell phones to TVs to microwaves. It`s also located in Miyaura-cho.


While Mihara is famous for octopus, you'll find a wide variety of delicious restaurants with the friendliest people around. From staples like ramen and yakiniku to Indian food, Mihara has an excellent selection of good eats. In front of the station, there is a interesting brick street called Marine Street. All along Marine Street, there are a number of bars and restaurants to eat at. You'll find yakitori, seafood, ramen, and much more.

Japanese food[]

  • Griglia (ぐりぐり家三原店), 三原市城町2丁目13-48, 0848-61-1129, [9]. Grila Grila is a delicious yakiniku restaurant that is located next to the Himawari and Every Market, east along route 2. You get to grill your own meat at a barbeque that is placed on your table. It's a great place to meet up with friends for good food and drinks. They have a tabehodai and nomehodai option as well.
  • Mihara Ekimae Shokudou (まいどおおきに三原駅前食堂), 三原市城町1-4-11, 0848-64-2603, For a quick and cheap bite to eat, there is a delicious buffet style restaurant called Mihara Shokudou located right in front of Mihara Station on Route 2. There are plenty of vegetable and meat dishes that you can grab onto your tray. It`s very convenient and it`s very cheap.
  • RaiRaiken Ramen (来々軒), 三原本町1丁目6−8, 0848-62-3466, RaiRaiken is a delicious ramen restaurant located behind Mihara Station. It's hard to find at first because the front door is simply a sliding door at the bottom of an older looking building, but you`ll often see a line of people waiting outside. The ramen is boasted as one of the best in the city. They also have very delicious gyoza.
  • Koh Ramen (ラーメン康宮浦店), 三原市宮浦3-34-26, 0848-64-8332, Koh Ramen is also a very delicious ramen restaurant that has a wider selection of ramen than RaiRaiken has to offer. The staff is incredibly friendly and the food is delicious. It's located in Miyaura-cho across the street from the Edion and very close to the Tandoor restaurant.

Foreign food[]

  • Tandoor (タンドール 三原店), 三原市宮浦3丁目1-27, 0848-67-9028, [10]. Tandoor is a fantastic Indian food restaurant located in Miyaura-cho, across the street from the Edion. You can find a wide variety of curries and naan bread to satisfy your Indian food appetite. This is one of the best restaurants in all of Mihara. The staff is also super friendly.
  • An Global Kitchen (グローバルキッチンAn), 三原市港町1-4-1中央コミュニティビル2F, 0848-60-1118, [11]. An Global Kitchen is a good restaurant that offers a variety of cuisine, like the name suggests. You can find Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and even American food on the menu. It`s located in the downtown square in front of the station. It's next to the Washington Pachinko Parlor on the second floor.


Mihara isn't necessarily the most lively place when it comes to its night life. But there are plenty of small bars and karaoke bars to visit on a night out with your friends. They are all mainly located around Mihara Station. There are plenty of these smaller bars around the area in front of the station and I would definitely suggest going out one night and discovering some new bars for yourself. The bar owners are usually very friendly and open to foreigners.


  • Bar name here, Description here


  • Vampire Bar, 三原市城町一丁目4, Yes, you read that right. Vampire is a small bar that seats up to 8 people and it's located right behind JUSCO. It has a big red door and the bar is decorated with vampire decorations and KISS photos.
  • Be Alive (ビー アライブ), 三原市城町1丁目5-25 今井ビル3F, 0848-38-7014, Be Alive is a fun darts bar with a very friendly and fun staff. It's right across the street from the Manekineko.


  • Manekineko (まねきねこ三原駅前店), 三原市城町1-4-1 イクステンビル3F, 0848-61-1123, [12]. The Manekineko is the largest karaoke bar in Mihara and it's located directly in front of Mihara Station. It's hard to miss because there is a large picture of a cat with a microphone on the front of it.



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Post offices[]

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Medical facilities[]

There are 3 main hospitals in Mihara. There are also plenty of smaller clinics along Route 2 that you can visit if you do not feel like going to the hospitals.

  • Kohsei General Hospital (興生総合病院), 0848-63-5500, [13]. The largest hospital is located directly across the street from the Fuji Grand.
  • Matsuo Hospital (松尾内科病院), 三原市城町3丁目7-1, 0848-63-5088, [14]. Another hospital is located behind Mihara Station.
  • Mistubishi Mihara Hospital (三菱病院), 三原市糸崎3丁目3-1, 0848-62-7331, [15]. And there is one more hospital located east from the station along Route 2 in Itozaki-cho.
  • Nagasawa Ear, Nose And Throat Clinic (永沢耳鼻咽喉科医院), 三原市港町1-6-9第二講崎ビル2階, 0848-62-4860, [16]. Smaller clinic that specializes in allergies.


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Hair dressers[]

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Sports facilities[]

  • Mihara Budoukan (三原市武道館), Mihara CityEnichicho27-1 Koichi ・ Minami Elementary School Gymnasium First floor, 0848-64-7219, [17]. Judo, Aikido, Karate, Kendo

Travel agents[]

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