Mie (Miemachi) is a small town located in Bungoono-shi, Oita Prefecture, with a population of about 20,000 people. To Oita city, it takes about 50 minutes on the local train, 35 minutes on the express train, or about an hour to drive by car - depending on traffic. Mie does not have a lot of entertainment options, but there is a Trial (a big supermarket that sells a lot of things cheap, like WalMart) and a Joyfull (a "family restaurant"). Trial used to be 24 hours, but now they are closed between the hours of 12am and 6am. Joyfull, like Lawson, is open 24 hours.

There are many snack bars and restaurants. Some of the local ALT favorites are Yumeya (the Indian/Nepal Curry Restaurant), Shirokiya (the pizza restaurant), Kuuta (the ramen place), Kiku (sushi, etc.), and Asuka Udon. The Peace bar (located across from Miemachi Station) is currently the popular ALT snack bar of choice. There is also a fairly cheap Karaoke place in town where you can sing for 3 hours for 900 yen (depends on the time and day).

Mie is also beautiful and the people are really friendly. There are many cool temples and shrines in town including Uchiyama Kanon and Nishinomiya Jinja. In the nearby town of Ogata (about 25 minute drive from Mie), there is a waterfall called Harajiri no Taki which is said to be the Niagara Falls of Japan (it is much smaller, but it is still beautiful). There is another big waterfall called Chinda Falls which is on the way to Ono (about 15 minutes from Mie). There is also an underwater limestone cave called 稲積水中鍾乳洞 (Inazumi Suichuu Shounyuudou). A popular place to swim in the summer is a river in an area called 白山 (Hakusan) which is about a 20 minute drive from Mie. The river is very cold, but the water is very clean and nice in the summer. The closest Hot Spring is in Taketa, which is about a 35-minute drive from Mie.

On August 13th, there is らいでんまつり (Raiden Matsuri) in Mie. They have floats with dragons and dancing. Every year is a little different. There are some food stands. Around August 22 (it was this date in 2015, but might change depending on the year) there is a fireworks show in Mie near the local Gym. There are also fireworks in Inukai (a nearby town, about 20 minutes from Mie) at the beginning and the end of summer.


Rhoda Marshall - ALT in Beppu 2004-2007

Rose Goodwin - ALT in Miemachi 2013-2016 (much of the data previously inputted was outdated, so I changed some things and added some additional information.)

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