Matsue City (松江市) is the capital of Shimane, and has a population of about 202,008 (February 1, 2021) people. The city sprang up as a castle town along the banks of the Ohashi River and the shores of Shinji Lake. It is home to Shimane University, and so it’s a little more ‘international’ than some parts of the prefecture. While the nightlife in Shimane may not be what you are used to, Matsue boasts its fair share, with plenty of bars and restaurants, especially in the neighborhoods of Isemiya, Higashi-honmachi, Kyomise, and near the university.


Matsue has a bus network that cris-crosses the city with the train station the hub of the network. 

Matsue is located in the North-East of the prefecture and has transport connections with the rest of the prefecture, the Oki Islands, Okayama and neighboring-Tottori. 

Matsue has train connections to the rest of the prefecture with trains leaving to Izumo(Shimane's second biggest city) taking approximately 40 minutes and departing at least every hour. 


There are five (now, as of 2018-2019) 17 JET ALTs living in Matsue. 

There is an Senior High School ALT based at Matsue Kita, Higashi, Minami and Shougyo Senior High Schools. All have at least one visit school as well. The fifth, is the ALT PA(Prefectural Advisor) who works at two special needs schools. 

There are also several Interac ALTs and CIRs. 


Matsue Castle has recently been named a national treasure and is well worth a visit. Nearby shrines and hiking like Kezo-ji are well worth a visit. 


Matsue has a good selection of shopping with large supermarkets throughout the city. 

The recently-opened Jupiter in Matsue station is the best foreign foods store in all of Shimane with a good range and is reasonably priced. There are also five Lapin supermarkets that aren't as reasonable as Jupiter but are reasonably priced.


Matsue has a number of restaurants littered throughout the city. Near the station is probably the greatest concentration of cafes and restaurants but there are good places to eat throughout. There are Italian, Chinese, Indian and Nepalese restaurants as well as many sushi bars and fast food places. 

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