Kurihara (栗原市 Kurihara-shi?) is a city located in the northern area of Miyagi Prefecture with a population of about XXXXXX people. It borders Iwate Prefecture, which is to the north. It is north of Sendai, and northwest of Ishinomaki.

Kurihara was previously Kurihara District (栗原郡 Kurihara-gun?) consisting of nine towns and one village. On April 1, 2005, the municipalities merged and formed Kurihara City. Despite this, the Kurihara City acts more like a county than an actual city - the area is very rural. The 10 municipalities are: Tsukidate (), Ichihsama(), Hanayama(), Semine(), Shiwahime(), Takashimizu(), Uguisuzawa(), Wakayanagi(), Kurikoma, and Kannari(). The city government is based in Tsukidate, which is in roughly the center of the city.


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Kurihara's nearest airport is Sendai Airport (仙台空港 Sendai Kūkō?). This is approximately 1.5 hours from Kurihara by train.

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If traveling from Sendai, the Tohoku Main Line is the cheapest train option. Take the main line north from Sendai, and get off at Semine Station. Where you get off depends on where you're planning to go: Semine Station is the first stop in Kurihara, and provides access to Semine, Shiwahime, Takashimizu, Ichihasama, and Hanayama. While technically in Tome City, Ishikoshi Station is a much better option for travelers to Wakayanagi. Arikabe Station is to the far north of the city, in Kurikoma and Kannari. Those taking the train in, beware - Kurihara is very spread out - walking from the station to a point of interest in the same town may not be feasible. Walking from the station to another town is certainly not feasible - Hanayama is at least 35 minutes by car from Semine Station.

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If visiting Kurihara, it is best to do so by car.


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Wakayanagi: There is a Yokubenimaru near the ALT apartment, and there is also a Ujie on the other side of the river.

Shiwahime: There is a Ujie, and Aeon also carries a selection of food. However do not expect a bargain on food at Aeon.

Tsukidate: There is a Yokubenimaru on the 4, north of the 398

Ichihasama: There is a Marue within walking distance of the ALT house

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Department storesEdit

There is an Aeon in Shiwahime across the street from the Kurikoma-kogen train station.

Home & Garden storesEdit

The best stores to go to for anything home and garden related would be Homac and Komeri. For the towns that have one nearby, Otentosan is also very good

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The JET libraries are at the Semine ALT's house as well as the Hanayama ALT's house.

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