Time: 5-15min
Keshigomu fun!

This is designed for Listening and Speaking and is good for Elementary school and Junior High.


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This is a simple vocabulary review game. It is good as a warm up and as a way to learn new vocabulary too.

Materials Needed[]

Flashcards with the words to be practiced/learnt.


Get the students to get into pairs. Pairs join their tables together so they are facing each other. Place an eraser (Keshigomu) in the centre. Throw up a bunch of flashcards onto the blackboard (using magnets). If the words are new you might want to go through some of them first.

At the beginning of each round nominate a key word. When you say this word in the game the students should make a grab for the eraser. When you say any other word, they should just repeat what you said. This makes it listening and speaking.

Start a clapping beat. Count them in with four clicks, clap twice, say the word and they repeat the word. I guess it is a 3:4 beat. The first is the clap (clap twice), the second is a rest where we say the word (arms spread) and the third is another rest (arms spread) where the students repeat the word or go for the eraser.


When using this game to introduce new vocabulary, it is good to start with only a handful of cards on the board. Go through them initially, explaining meaning and practicing pronunciation. Slowly add new vocabulary as you go. For example, for each new round, add a new word and set that as the keyword.