This is designed for Listening and Speaking and is good for Elementary schoolJunior High and Senior High. This set of warm ups require no pre-class preparation and require little explanation. The activities revolve around categories (sports, colors) and / or sets of English words, like numbers, days of the week, months of the year.


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Materials Needed[]



Teacher centric[]

  • The teacher controls everything
  • The teacher starts by pointing to themselves and saying a word in the set. One, for example.
  • The teacher then points to a student who should say the next (or another) word in the sat. Two for example.
  • The teacher can point again to the same student, a different student, or to themselves. That person says the next word.
  • The goal is to become fast.
  • Once the class is in a rhythm, switch up the set. The teacher does this by pointing to themselves and saying a noticeably different word. For example, Monday instead or twenty. A good student will usually be able to get it without much difficulty.


  • To get maximum speaking time for the students, have them do this activity in pairs.
  • Demonstrate the activity with JTE/ALT.
  • Set the goal. For example, if the set is days of the week, the goal might be to finish two sets (14 words). If the set is months of the year, the goal might be to finish twelve months. If the set is colours, the goal might be to finish 15 colours.
  • ALT says "Are you ready?", students respond, "Yes, I'm ready". Start, with each student in a pair saying one word alternatively.
  • A great deal of shouting might ensue, meaning that it is difficult to gauge who is saying the words correctly. But at least they should be having fun.
  • Students say "We are finished" when they are done. Hand out a prize for the winners.
  • When repeating, change partners.


There are many different sets of words that can be used. Instead of just counting, addition and multiplication can be used:

  • "Five plus three?"
  • "Five plus three is eight."
  • "Eight plus five?"
  • "Eight plus five is thirteen."