How to Get a Re-Entry Permit in Oita[]

You need one of these to get back into the country every time you leave Japan, so you will almost definitely need the RE-ENTRY PERMIT (再入国許可). There are two types: single, which only allows you to re-enter the country once, and multiple, which allows you to enter as many times as you want as long as your visa is still valid. Because the multiple (6000 yen) is only twice the price of the single (3000 yen), it makes more sense to get the multiple re-entry permit unless you are absolutely positive you will only be re-entering once.

As of 2010 the location has moved from Soft Park (near the Oasis building) onto the main street with Tokiwa and Oita Bank, and is located just beyond the police station.

Getting to the building:[]

  • Come out of Oita Station and walk straight up the road until you get to the main crossroads with Oita Bank on the righthand side and a four-way pedestrian bridge. Still going straight, go over the pedestrian bridge, and pass the large police station on your right. The building is the one right after the large police station (it has the kanji 総合庁舎 on it). The office that issues the permit is on the first floor.

Second, get the RE-ENTRY permit:[]

  • Get the necessary stamp from the second floor of the building. Go up the stairs and go all the way around to the far side of the floor, where there is a small window that issues the stamps.
  • Then, go back down to the first floor.
  • Fill in the forms in English (not having forgotten your passport and gaijin card of course!), and give everything to the person behind the desk.
  • And there you are.