Q: Which is taller, the Tokyo Tower or the Eiffel Tower?

A: Tokyo Tower 333 m. Eiffel Tower 320 m.

Q: Which is taller, the Tokyo Tower or Ularu (Ayres Rock)?

A: Ularu 348 m. Tokyo Tower 333 m.

Q: Which is bigger, Shikoku or Hawaii?

A: Shikoku 18,045 km2. Hawaii 16,443 km2.

Q: Who is older, Matsuo Basho or Sir Isaac Newton?

A: Basho born 1644. Newton born 1643.

Q: Which is younger, Christmas or Tanabata?

A: Christmas 0AD. Tanabata 710AD.

Q: Which is newer, the car or the motorcycle?

A: Car 1885, Motorcycle 1886

Q: Which is faster, a pig or a chicken?

A: Pig 17.6 km/h. Chicken 14.4 km/h.

Q: Which is slower, an elephant or a human?

A: Elephant 40 km/h. Human 44.6 km/h.

Q: Which is taller, Mt. Fuji or Ben Nevis?

A: Mt. Fuji 3776 m. Ben Nevis 1344 m.

Q: Which is hotter, Death Valley, California or Al 'Aziziyah, Libya?

A: Death Valley 56.7 °C (134 °F). Al 'Aziziyah 57.7°C (136.4 °F).

Q: Which is colder, Verkhoyansk, Siberia or Vostok Station, Antarctica?

A: Verkhoyansk −69.8 °C (−93.6 °F). Vostok Station−89.2 °C (-128.56 °F).

Q: Who is older, ALT or JTE?

A: ...

Q: Who is taller, ALT or JTE?

A: ...

Q: Russia is smaller than Canada

A: (false)

Q: Genji Monogatari is the oldest novel

A: (true)

Q: Vatican City is the smallest country in the world.

A: (true)

Q: The tallest animal is an elephant.

A: (false-giraffe)

Q: China has the highest mountain in the world.

A: (true, Mount Everest)

Q: The US has the world’s oldest company.

A: (false – Japan, Kabushiki Gaisha Kongō Gumi)

Q: Cheetahs are the fastest animals.

A: (true)

Q: Chimpanzees are smarter than humans.

A: (false)

Q: The loudest animal is the Blue Whale

A: (true)

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