Fukuyama (福山 fukuyama?) Fukuyama is the second largest city in Hiroshima-ken and has a population of about 465,000 people. It was first established in 1619 when Katsunari Mizuno, a feudal lord and cousin of Tokugawa Ieyasu built a castle in the area and thereafter, the city known as Fukuyama began to flourish.

Fukuyama city is mainly an industrial city, with strong ties to ship building and steel manufacturing companies such as JFE Steel Corporation West Japan Steelworks. As part of the Bingo region, as opposed to the Aki region where Hiroshima city is located, Fukuyama has a very unique and individual atmosphere. Originally, Fukuyama castle area was known as koumoriyama or Bat Mountain. However, the Chinese character for bat can also be read as fuku and eventually the name morphed into Fukuyama, which means Lucky Mountain. As a result, the official city symbol for Fukuyama is the bat. This symbol can be seen on the city flag.

During WWII, Fukuyama was badly damaged by air raids. Much of the city was reduced to rubble and many people were killed or injured. As a result, the city morale dropped to an all time low. In 1956, local residents planted 1,000 rose seedlings and launched the Rose Exhibition in an effort to revive the city. The exhibition is now known as the Fukuyama Rose Festival, an event held annually in May to honour the city and its citizens. Consequently, the rose has also become a symbol of Fukuyama city and the endurance of its people.

The city is growing and changing rapidly. One major mall, CASPA, closed last year, but the building is still standing and serves as a prominent and useful landmark. Another new mall, INES/Rose Tower, recently opened, with restaurants, shops, and a hotel. The bus center renovations were completed early in 2012, and now the city's bus system is more streamlined, with a central information office right outside the train station. Fukuyama spans a comparatively large area and has a number of landscapes, from mountains and rural rice fields to urban development, industry and production, and beautiful beaches. It is the perfect jumping-off point for numerous day or weekend trips, but it also has many attractions of its own. Whether you're looking to shop or party, or spend some quiet time in a cafe or out in nature, Fukuyama has something to offer.

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Fukuyama municipal area in bright pink


Getting in[]

To/from the airport[]

THE AIRPORT BUS runs directly to Hiroshima airport. It currently departs from platform 2. Tickets are available on the bus or at the discount vending machine.

By train[]

Fukuyama city is easily accessible from the east and the west and conveniently located along the Sanyo Shinkansen line. This means that you can get a direct bullet train to Tokyo or Hakata, without using any local trains. There is a Shinkansen information center located within the station. Look for the Midori Madoguchi, or green ticket window. In addition, there is also a discount ticket shop near the station, which allows you to buy cheaper tickets from a vending machine. Exit the the South side of the station and walk toward Tenmaya with the Bus Center on your right. There are 2 vending machines on your left: one for highway buses, and one for Shinkansen. If you buy from the vending machines, be careful of blackout dates, such as during Golden Week in May or Obon in August. There are two main local train lines that run through Fukuyama station, the Sanyo line and the Fukuen line. The Sanyo line runs from Okayama towards Hiroshima city and the Fukuen line runs from Fukuyama station to the northern region of the prefecture in the direction of Fuchu.

By bus[]

Fukuyama is also serviced by a very efficient, punctual bus system. However, buses that go to sparsely populated areas tend to be infrequent. All bus terminals are located in front of the station. There are two main companies that operate the bus system in Fukuyama, Chugoku Bus and Tomotetsu Bus. The main bus information center has timetables and routes for both Chugoku and Tomotetsu buses, as well as highway buses. At the information center, you can purchase PASPY cards. For further information see the Public Transportation section above. THE ROSE LINER is the bus that runs directly to Hiroshima city (Sogo bus terminal). Tickets are available on the bus; at the discount vending machine; or from Fukuyama City Hall, on the second floor.

By car[]

A car is a huge convenience if you live outside the main city area. Here are some major roads and areas you should be aware of.

ROUTE 2 / NIGOUSEN is the main highway that runs through Fukuyama city. It stretches from Okayama ken to Yamaguchi ken.  Route 2 runs parallel to the Shinkansen tracks and perpendicular to the Ekimae Dori.

EKIMAE DORI is the main street that runs perpendicular to Fukuyama station. It intersects Route 2 at the city post office/ Chuugoku Bank/ Hiroshima Bank junction.

HONDORI is a covered shopping arcade, which is located east of Fukuyama station.  This arcade has many different entrances and eventually runs into another shopping mall area called the Joy Funamachi. The Hondori has many interesting shops and restaurants, as well as a few speciality stores, but it is not as lively as it once was.

MOTOMACHI / HISAMATSU DORI: Motomachi is the covered shopping arcade that runs parallel to the Ekimae Dori. It begins behind Tenmaya, a large department store, and leads to Hisamatsu Dori, a popular street for its interesting bars and restaurants.

Getting around[]

Using a bicycle is the most common mode of transport among the JET community in Fukuyama. As a result, bicycle etiquette has become increasingly important. Firstly, Fukuyama has quite strict rules regarding riding a bicycle. For example, you must always have two hands on the handle bars. This means that you can’t talk on a cell phone or hold an umbrella while cycling. In addition, although it is not obligatory to use your bicycle light at night, it is advisable. You should usually cycle on the left side, but be aware that not everyone follows this convention, or any of them, so pay attention to your surroundings. There are several bicycle parking lots around Fukuyama station area. These are often manic in the morning and congested. If you do not put your bicycles in these designated areas, you run the risk of having your bicycle put into the bicycle graveyard by city officials. Recently police have also begun suggesting the use of two locks due a higher volume of bicycle thefts in the station areas.

Taxis are easily available at the north and south exit of the station. There is also a taxi stand located beside Tenmaya and in the Hondori at night. In the case that you would like to call a taxi to your home, the following companies operate within the Fukuyama area.

Asahi Taxi 084-954-7700 (also has large taxis available for those traveling with a large amount of luggage. Must be reserved before-hand.

Rose Taxi 084-948-6210


JET placements[]

Fukuyama placements are divided into City and Prefectural placements. City JETs in Fukuyama work at many (4-9) Junior High and Elementary schools throughout the city. There are around 20 City Fukuyama JET placements. Prefectural High School ALTs work in various high schools throughout the city. There is one municipal CIR.

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Foreign community[]


Places to visit[]

Fukuyama Castle This castle can be seen from the north exit of Fukuyama station. It was built in 1619 by Katsunari Mizuno, a cousin of the famous, historical icon, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Unfortunately, most of the castle was destroyed during the air raids of WW2. It was reconstructed in 1966. The castle is especially popular during the months of spring and summer and still remains to this day a focal point in Fukuyama city. Fukuyama Museum of Art is located northeast of Fukuyama station, within a five minute walking distance.

Hiroshima Prefectural History Museum This museum is located just southwest of the art museum. It has a rebuilt village depicting traditional in the Ashida River valley.

Japan Footwear Museum explores the origin and history of footwear. The museum, a former Geta factory, has over 2,000 items on display. Take the train towards Onomichi (westbound) and get off at Matsunaga station.

The Folk Doll and Toy Museum is directly opposite the footwear museum and displays the traditional toys and dolls from the region.

Holocaust Museum is located in Kannabe. This museum is small but definitely worth the 9 minute journey. Take the Fukuen line to Kannabe and follow directions from the website. Tel: (084) 955- 8001

Fukuyama Zoo has a great big cats section, a farm animals area, and an extensive array of monkeys. The price can't be beat at only 600 yen per adult. Take the Fukuen line heading towards Fuchu, and get off at Kamitode station. If you're driving the zoo can be accessed by Route 378, about a 30 minute drive from Fukuyama station.

Tomo-No-Ura is a port town located on the southern peninsula of Fukuyama province. Traditionally, Tomo-No-Ura has been renowned for its scenic beauty and more recently as the town that inspired the village in Miyazaki Hayao’s film, “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.” More recently, scenes of Wolverine were shot at the local movie set. Access: From Fukuyama station, take the Tomotetsu bus from Platform 11 bound for Tomonoura/ Tomoko.

Sensui Island is an island off the coast of Tomo-No-ura and accessible by ferry. It has scenic hiking trails and beautiful views. There is also a hotel on the island, where you can stay or just avail yourself of the onsen. Abuto Kannon is a shrine dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. Prayers for safety at sea and easy child delivery are offered up to the goddess. The shrine is located on a cliff top by the coast and is said to be an extremely beautiful sight.


Mid February - Mid March - The Tomo-no-Ura Hina Festival is a great chance to see a long standing Japanese tradition. Select houses open their doors and display Hina Dolls which represent the Royal family and their court. This festival is closely associated with Girls Day.

Mid May - The Fukuyama Rose Festival is the opening of the festival season in Fukuyama and spans two days of events, including a parade and usually live concert featuring a local star.

End of May - The Bentenjima Fireworks Festival is the first big fireworks festival in Fukuyama. If you have not seen a fireworks festival in Japan this is a must see. Go early to avoid the crush and get a good seat.

Mid July - The Otebi Festival held in Tomo-no-Ura is a great example of how fun outweighs safety during the festival season in Japan. Strong taiko drum beats precede men carrying three large burning torches through town.

Mid August - The Fukuyama Summer Festival a two day affair ending in the biggest fireworks show in Fukuyama. If the Bentenjima Fireworks are the season opener, then the Ashida River Fireworks are certainly the closing act.

Mid July - Mid August - Every Saturday for the summer season the covered shopping arcades in Fukuyama are turned over to festival use. Booths of all sorts are setup and many Japanese people get outside to enjoy the summer heat and festival experience.



  • Fresta (フレスタ), [1]. Fresta supermarkets are everywhere, but the most convenient locations are in the basement of INES, in Kino-sho and next to Daiki Home Center. The latter two have ATMs.
  • Every (エブリイ), 福山市南本庄1丁目, 084-929-1130, [2]. There is an エブリイ(Every) Supermarket located in Honjo-cho, which is cheaper than Fresta and has recently started carrying a small selection of imported groceries.
  • Only One (オンリーワン), 福山市引野町1丁目, 084-943-5511, [3]. Only One supermarket located in Kino-sho probably has some of the cheapest produce, but is smaller than the other two supermarkets.
  • Port Plaza Happy Town (ハピータウンポートプラザ店), 福山市入船町3丁目, 084- 971-1111, [4]. Port Plaza/Happy Town also has a grocery store that is large and has a good selection.

Department stores[]

  • Fukuyama Sun Station Terrace (サンステ), 福山市三之丸町30-1, 086-800-0100, [5]. Sun Station is a shopping and restaurant arcade located within Fukuyama station. It contains many restaurants and casual, fashionable stores. If you need ice cream the Baskin Robins is located here. To the back of the arcade, there is also a bookstore and post office.
  • INES/Rose Tower (アイネス フクヤマ), 福山市東桜町1-1, 084-922-3388, [6]. INES is a recently opened mall complex situated between Fukuyama Station and City Hall. From the south exit of Fukuyama station, walk toward Route 2, and INES is one block down on your right. In the basement is a branch of Fresta. The first two floors have restaurants and high-end clothes shopping, a bookstore, and a 100 yen store. Above the shops are a parking garage and a hotel.
  • Tenmaya (天満屋福山店), 福山市元町1-1, 084-927-2111, []. Tenmaya is a department store chain that sells brand goods. In the basement there is a food market/grocery store and a small import store. On the 5th floor, there are some restaurants including Italian, Indian and Japanese. The 7th floor is where you will find LOFT. Loft is a stationary store, but also has a wide selection of household goods and toiletries. Access: This store is located along Ekimae Dori on the left hand side. Walk two minutes from the south exit of the station.
  • Port Plaza Happy Town (ハピータウンポートプラザ店), 福山市入船町3丁目, 084-971-1111, [7]. This is Fukuyama’s largest shopping mall complex. This mall is divided into two main sections, Ito Yokado and Tenmaya. There is a large bookstore that has the biggest collection of English books and teaching resources in Fukuyama. There is also a large sports/camping store called Sports Xebio. The closest Starbucks is tucked away in the back corner of the Tenmaya side of the mall. Ito Yokado has recently opened a Kaldi Coffee and Import store. If you have a hankering for things from back home and don’t feel like making the trip to Hiroshima or Okayama this ought to satisfy you. There is also a Subway for those that have a sandwich craving. Access: Port Plaza is located along Route 2, East bound. It takes 15 minutes by bicycle from the station.
  • Fuji Grand (フジグラン神辺), 福山市神辺町大字新道上字二丁目10-26, 084-960-4111, [8]. Fuji Grand is a shopping mall located in Kannabe. It has many different types of stores, especially clothing shops and a really good import store on the first floor. Fuji Grand is a little inconvenient to get to by train. Take the Fukuen line, bound for Fuchu and get off at Michinoue station. Exit the station and take the only road perpendicular to the railroad tracks. As soon as the road forks, turn right. Go in this direction until you reach a large main road with busy traffic. At this point, turn left and walk up the road until you reach a large intersection. There should be a pachinko parlor on your left hand side. Turn right and cross the traffic lights. Follow the road until you see Fuji Grand on the left hand side. On foot from the station, it takes about 20 minutes. Numerous bus routes available.

Home & Garden stores[]

  • Daiki (北吉津店 ホームセンターダイキ), 福山市北吉津町2丁目, 084-925-9155, [9]. Daiki is a home center, located near the Fukuyama Auto and Clock Museum, which is north east of Fukuyama station. Daiki also does home deliveries or a free truck rental if you have your licence. It also has a good selection of affordable bicycles. Access: In Kitayoshizucho, sharing a parking lot with Fresta.
  • UFO (ユーホー), 福山市奈良津町3-4-3, 福山市多治米町6-3-5, 084-922-4040, 084-954-9100, [10]. UFO is a hardware superstore similar to Daiki. They occasionally carry different items or will have different prices on the same item, so if you can’t find what you are looking for at one, try the other.
  • Nitori (ニトリ福山店), 福山市明神町2丁目, 0120-014-210, [11]. A home store, which sells bedding, towels and cushions and other soft furnishings. It’s sort of like IKEA, but with slightly less selection and a different colour scheme. It is located along Route 2. Nitori offers home delivery on large furniture items for ¥1,500.


  • Edion (エディオン福山本店), 福山市松浜町2-2-54, 084-923-1566, [12]. Edion is one of Japan’s largest electronics stores. This store offers a wide variety of electronic goods such as computers, stereos, TVs, DVD players, home appliances, etc. Go along Route 2, Okayama bound. Turn right onto Route 313, the intersection before Port Plaza. Go straight and Edion is on the left hand side. This journey may take 20 minutes by bicycle from the station.
  • Yamada Denki (テックランド福山店), 福山市明神町2-15-30, [13]. Yamada Denki is a large electronics store. It sells computers, household appliances and other electronic items. Yamada Denki is located along Route 2, Okayama bound near the intersection between Route 2 and Route 182. It is about a 20-25 minute bike ride from the station.
  • Kojima (コジマNEW福山店), 福山市明神町2-15-43, 084-973-1601, [14]. Kojima is an electronics store similar to Yamada Denki. It is easy to comparison shop between these two because they are so close together. To get there, go toward Yamada Denki on Route 2 and look for the building with a red sun logo on your left.
  • Applied (アプライド福山店), 福山市南本庄3-4-44, 084-928-0700, [15]. Applied is an electronics store with a very limited selection. But it usually has a sale on Sundays. This store is located on Route 2, west bound. It is a 5-10 minute bike ride from the station.

Book shops[]

  • Futaba (フタバ図書アルティ福山本店), 福山市明神町1-14-20, 084-973-8780, [16]. Futaba is the largest bookstore in Fukuyama and has a Tully’s coffee shop within the actual store. However, the number of English books is limited. Access: Located along Route 2 beyond Uniqlo. It takes 20 minutes by bicycle from the station.

Bike Shops[]

  • Ken's (サイクルハウス ケンズ), 福山市三吉町1丁目4-6, 084-922-2082, [17]. Ken’s supplies quality cyclist products and bicycles. It also does repairs and supplies advice on how to care for your bicycle. This shop is geared more towards serious cyclists than the everyday user and thus is expensive.
  • Big Wave (自転車のプロショップ ビッグウェーブプロ), 福山市東町3-1-1, 084-928-7718, [18]. Big Wave sells all types of bicycles and does repairs too. Access: From the north exit of the station, take a right. At the 3rd set of traffic lights, turn left, go through the next set of traffic lights and the shop should be on the right hand side.
  • Cycle City (サイクルCity 御門店), 福山市御門町2-5-36, 084-983-0450, [19]. Cycle City is located south of the station. They have a large variety of bikes and equipment for sale, and they do repairs. From the south exit of the station, go south along the Ekimae Dori (about a 5 minute ride/10-15 minute walk) until you see a Family Mart convenience store on your right. Make a left, and the Cycle City is 2 blocks down on your left, next to a Lawson.

Recycle Shops[]

  • Areya Coreya (あれやこれ家 福山店), 福山市沖野上町4-16-17, 0120-730-508, [20]. Areya Coreya is a recycle shop where you can buy cheap furniture and second hand goods. They also provide a home delivery service. Follow Ekimae Dori until you reach a large suit clothing store called Haruyama. Then take an immediate left, pass the hospital and the store will be on the left hand side. It takes about 15 minutes from the station by bicycle.
  • Recyclemart (リサイクルマート福山店), 福山市三吉町南2-9-22, 0120-255-065, [21]. Recyclemart is a large recycle shop comprising of two large warehouses. They have everything from furniture to kimonos. They also offer home delivery for a reasonable cost and the owner speaks a little bit of English.
  • Reuse Mart (リユース・マート福山店), 福山市御幸町森脇164-2, 0120-786-663, [22]. Reuse Mart is a recycle shop located on the outskirts of the city towards Kannabe. This store sells a selection of used furniture, household items, dishes and electronic parts. This store is located near Heisei University and Fukuyama Exhibition Centre. Cross Ashida River and turn right, heading east. Turn left onto Route 391, heading northbound for Fuchu. Follow through the tunnel on Route 391 and the store is on the left hand side.
  • Nandemoya (なんでも屋), 福山市三吉町5-1-11, 084-922-0403, [23]. Nandemoya is another second hand store. It sells various items. From the front of the station, follow the tracks towards Okayama. Go all the way down, until you reach a big intersection. Turning right would lead you to Happy Town. Instead, turn left and go straight until you reach another big intersection. You will see a big sushi restaurant on the corner, and that’s the side you want to be on. Ride for about 20 more seconds after passing the sushi place and you will see it on your right.


  • UNIQLO (ユニクロ 福山駅家店), 福山市駅家町倉光141-1, 084-977-1045, [24]. Uniqlo is possibly one of Japan’s most popular clothing stores. It offers an assortment of casual clothes for reasonable prices. Also the sizes in Uniqlo are often more generous than other Japanese clothing stores. Access: Uniqlo is located along Route 2, East bound. This takes 15 minutes by bicycle from the station. Closed on Wednesdays.
  • Sports Depo (スポーツデポ 福山店), 福山市東深津町 3丁目21番48号, 084-922-7161, [25].  Sports Depo (and Toys R Us) are located beside each other. Follow Route 2 until you reach the Route 182. Turn left onto the 182 and go over the large overpass. The Toys R Us is immediately on your left (you may have to double back a little bit). This journey takes approximately 30 minutes by bicycle from the station. By bus: You can take any bus that goes to Higashi Fukatsu-cho or Higashi Fukuyama station. It is about a 15-20 minute bus ride. By train: Take the Sanyo line towards Okayama and go one stop over to Higashi-Fukuyama. Exit from the north side and you will see a circular drive where taxis are waiting and bikes are parked. Walk to the intersection and make a left. Its about a 20 minute walk and will be on the left hand side.



  • Starbucks (福山蔵王店 スターバックス コーヒー), 福山市 南蔵王町6-2-14, 084-940-0075, [26]. Starbucks is located in a corner of Happy Town mall, on the first floor. A new Starbucks recently opened in Zao.
  • Doutour (ドトールコーヒーショップ JR福山駅店), 福山市三之丸町30-1, 084-929-1005, Doutour has 2 locations. One is located at the north exit of Fukuyama station and the other is 2 minutes from Fukuyama station, down Ekimae Dori on the east side, just next to bus platform 2.
  • Capcicum Cafe (カプシコン カフェ), 福山市三之丸町3-4土井ビル2F, 050-3748-0658, [27]. Capcicum Cafe is a hip coffee shop with food and mixed drinks. The staff are very friendly and speak good English. From Fukuyama station, go one block south and turn right at the Lawson convenience store. Go about a block down, and Capcicum is on the second floor above KFC.
  • Runa Cafe (ルナ), 福山市元町12-8, 084-923-1758, Runa Cafe is a relaxed faux-European style coffee shop. At Tenmaya, take a left, then the first right. You will see Runa Café on the right hand side corner. It has good gratin and fabulous waffles.
  • Qoo-Qoo Cafe (クー クー カフェ), 福山市延広町6-4, 084-922-3480, Qoo-Qoo Cafe is a fantastic café located on Miya Dori. This café has a wonderful ambiance, friendly staff, and great food. QOO QOO CAFÉ is a great place to come and dine, or just to spend a few hours in the afternoon with a good book.
  • Basket (バスケット), 福山市木之庄町3丁目, 084-932-6860, Basket is a fantastic coffee shop/ restaurant. The main floor has a great bakery area and stylish home goods section. From the station, head west on the road that follows the shinkansen tracks to the third set of lights. Turn right under the tracks. Follow this road past the FRESTA supermarket until you arrive at an intersection with a Family Mart on the corner. Turn right. BASKET will be on your left hand side.

Japanese food[]

  • Bakudan (ばくだん酒場), 福山市宝町2-19, 084-925-8989, A very interesting Japanese restaurant (appetizer bar), with good wholesome food and friendly service. The atmosphere is friendly and familiar. From the station, walk straight and turn left at Tenmaya. Walk down the street on the left hand side and within 5 minutes, you should arrive at Bakudan on the left hand side.
  • Fuufuudou, 福山市元町13-9, A relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The food is typically Japanese and seating is tatami style. Take a left at Tenmaya and then take the first right. The restaurant is near the end of the street above the clothing store Switch International.
  • Uosen (魚鮮), 福山市伏見町2-15, 084-927-3345, Specializes in Hokkaido crab dishes and the sushi is delicious. Take the south exit from the station, turn left and follow the shinkansen track. Take the second right and the restaurant is on the right hand side.
  • Hamazushi (はま寿司 福山三吉町店), 福山市三吉町南2-6-22, 084-931-6522, [28]. Recently opened Hamazushi has a great selection of sushi, fruits, juices, and desserts. To get there, take Route 2 east toward Happy Town and look for the big blue and white Hamazushi sign on your left. It is directly across the street from Happy Town.
  • Tonkotsu (とん匠 駅前店), 福山市三之丸町3-4, 080-3710-8033, Tonkotsu is located beside KFC, on the street that runs adjacent to Caspa.
  • Onomichi Ramen (尾道ラーメン 一丁), 福山市三之丸町3-7 土井ビル 1F, 084-928-5280, Onomichi Ramen is located on the street parallel to Caspa, around the corner from Tonkotsu.
  • Yasokichi (八十吉ラーメン), 福山市三之丸町30-1(サンステーションテラス2番街), 084-932-0009, Yasokichi is a ramen shop that is on the south side of the station. Come out the south exit, take a right, and walk past Mister Donut, and a couple other stores until you come to a small door with blue flaps labeled 八十吉. It has ramen and teishoku (set menus), but try the yasai (vegetable) ramen. It’s healthy and yummy!
  • Saku Saku (咲咲), 福山市船町1-22, 084-926-4574, Saku Saku is located in the Hondori. It’s run by a young family; prices are cheap; the mochi cheese okonomiyaki is particularly good. The menu is extensive, with a choice of Kansai style (without noodles),Hiroshima style (with noodles), or Kobe style (variation on Kansai style).
  • Ton Den, 福山市三之丸町3-7, Ton Den is located between Fukuyama Station and City Hall. It’s just around the corner from KFC. It’s run by a very friendly old man. Very good lunch specials. Vegetarian friendly. Also has yakisoba (fried noodles) for those who aren’t into okonomiyaki.

Foreign food[]

  • Fandango (ファンダンゴ), 福山市延広町3-7, 084-924-7272, Located on the corner of Hisamatsu Dori and Route 2. This is a really nice restaurant and caters well for large groups.
  • Sanada ( リストランテ真田), 福山市延広町2-11, 084-928-3370, Located about halfway down the Hisamatsu Dori. It’ll be on your right side on the corner, the most noticeable aspect of it being a pillar on the corner that’s wrapped with the colors of the Italian flag. May be a bit pricy at night, but it has great food and a reasonable lunch menu! It is closed on Mondays.
  • Key Point (キーポイント), 福山市延広町5-22 吉方ビル 2F, 0849-31-4595, A sophisticated restaurant/wine bar located on Hisamatsu Dori. The bartenders are all professionally trained and happy to make you whatever you desire.
  • La Fonte (オステリア・ラ・フォンテ), 福山市木之庄町1丁目10-8, 050-5868-1088, Located in Kinosho, across from Fresta. The food is reasonable and it has a very quaint atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and the menu easily accommodates vegetarians. However it should be noted that atmosphere is intimate and the staff have trouble accommodating large groups.
  • Ninnikuya (にんにくや 福山店), 福山市三之丸町4-1-3 メッセージビル 3F, 084-991-2299, An Italian / Japanese fusion restaurant which specializes in using garlic in all its dishes. It is located on the second floor of the building just next to the building formerly known as Caspa.
  • Ajisen (味仙), 福山市御門町2-8-22, 084-924-7699, A small Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant with great food for a reasonable price. On Route 2 eastbound, turn right at the Shell gas station and keep going. When you see the Rose Park, keep right and Ajisen is about half a block on your right. Spicy ramen is their specialty.
  • Cha-Bana (茶花), 福山市元町13-18, 084-973-2413, This restaurant serves great presentations of delicious Chinese food. Its décor is also one of its best aspects. Located on the sixth floor of a building on Miya Dori (cute little street dividing Motomachi and Hisamatsu Dori).
  • Sangam (サンガム), 福山市沖野上町4-1-39, 084-926-9577, Delicious, close, and cheap. The cooks and waiters are from Nepal, but they cook up some amazing Indian dishes. Lunch specials can’t be beat (they’re as cheap as 690Y). Dinner is a la carte, and the selection is very good. Vegetarian friendly. From Fukuyama station, go two blocks south (toward Route 2) and turn right at the Family Mart. Walk to the first light and cross the street. Sangam will be directly on your right.
  • Shanti India (シャンティ インディア), 県福山市胡町3-1, 084-924-5493, [29]. Shanty India is a fantastic little Indian restaurant. The restaurant itself is located in the back of a wonderful little Indian shop selling everything from incense to jewellery and clothing. It has warm and friendly staff and excellent lunch specials. From the station, head east following the road directly beside the tracks. Walk straight until you arrive at an intersection with HONDORI to your immediate right. Turn left under the tracks. Go straight onto the cute cobblestone street. Pass through one set of lights along this street. Shanty India is on the corner of the next little street to your right. It looks like a small little store from the outside, head in and make your way through the store part and you will find a few tables in the back.
  • Annapurna (アンナプルナ), 福山市赤坂町大字赤坂1194-2, 084-952-5551, Annapurna is a restaurant located in Bingo Akasaka, one train west on the Sanyo from Fukuyama station. Walk from the station and turn right at the traffic lights, follow the road until you reach the restaurant, which is on the left hand side.
  • Ondoruban (おんどるばん), 広島市中区立町5-20, 082-246-1158, [30]. Ondoruban is a Korean style restaurant located in the Hondori. Take the road, which Wara Wara is located on. Enter the Hondori and take a left when you reach a split in the road. Korean Dining is on the right hand side. The highlight of this restaurant is the owners desire to speak English and his inventive dish names like f***ing spicy hot noodles.
  • Shijan Korean Kitchen (シジャン), 福山市三之丸町30-1サンステーションテラス福山1F, 084-932-6007, [31]. Shijan Korean Kitchen is located in Fukuyama Station Sun Station mall. If you want to get your spicy on, this is the place to do it.
  • Acha (あちゃ), 福山市霞町1-4-2, 084-927-7388, Acha is an unusual, intimate curry restaurant near Fukuyama City Central Library. It has a large selection of imported beers and sells the healthiest curry around. From Hisamatsu Dori, cross Route 2 and continue until you reach a small leisure space, take the immediate left and Acha is on the right hand side.
  • Phaa Pai Thai (パーパイタイ), 福山市明治町2-29, 084-971-8810, [32]. Phaa Pai Thai is a Thai restaurant, which faces the Fukuyama Central City Library. This restaurant may be a little expensive for some but the food is delicious. From Hisamatsu Dori, cross Route 2 and follow the road, until you come to a large open space. You should see the restaurant over to the left.
  • Boogie Buns (ブギーバンズ), 福山市元町15-5, 084-921-6164, [33]. Boogie Buns is a conveniently located American style restaurant across from Hollywood Star Karaoke, about a two minute walk from Fukuyama station. There is happy hour from 5-7 and is open until 2am. Often has rugby, soccer, or American baseball on the TV.



  • Wara-Wara (笑笑 福山駅前店), 福山市元町15-3, 050-5868-4061, A Japanese izakaya. It provides speedy service for reasonable prices. From the station, walk straight and turn left at Tenmaya. Take the second right and Wara Wara is on the left hand side about half way down the street.
  • Doma-Doma (土間土間 福山店), 福山市三之丸町1-3, Doma-Doma is Japanese franchise izakaya, similar to Wara Wara but has much better quality. Doma-Doma is located on the 2nd floor of the building just before Caspa.
  • Za-Watami (坐 和民 福山店), 福山市元町12-7福山会館2F, 084-973-2261, [34]. Similar to DOMA-DOMA and WARA-WARA. From the station, walk straight and turn left at Tenmaya. Take the second right and Za-Watami is on your right side.


  • Charlie's (チャーリーズ), 福山市元町12-7 福山会館5階, [35]. Charlie’s is probably the most popular bar in Fukuyama among foreigners. It’s a small bar, but it has a dance floor and Charlie plays music all night long. There is also Guinness on tap. From the south exit of the station, veer left going towards Tenmaya. Cross the street to the Tenmaya side and make a left. Pass the Motomachi and make a right on the next street. On the right hand side there will be a glass case with sake bottles in it, next to that is an elevator. Take that to the 5th floor and there is Charlie's.
  • Mondo Cafe, 福山市南本庄町1-9-21, [36]. Mondo Cafe is the hard-to-find, yet hard-to-leave party destination of Fukuyama. Mondo’s is located west of Fukuyama station. Follow the tracks west to the fifth set of lights. (There is a little dry cleaners with a neon green sign on the left). Hang a left and then take the next alley on your left. You will be sure to hear Mondo’s before you see it. Mondo’s maze of nooks and crannies creates a great atmosphere to chill while you get ready to bust a move on the dance floor. A great place to end an evening… or begin one, depending on your party preferences!
  • Loft (ロフト), 福山市延広町3-7 アクセビル2F, 084-931-7257, [37]. Loft is above Fandango on HISAMATSU DORI. This tiny little bar offers a top quality jazz evening in Fukuyama. There are only a few tables, so be sure to get there early on live performance nights.
  • Pole Pole (ブギーマンズカフェポレポレ), 福山市元町7-6 マエダ酒店2F, 0849-25-5004, Pole Pole houses some great live performances on a smaller scale. They have a great lunch/dinner menu too! Follow the MOTOMACHI turn right onto MIYA DORI. Take a right again onto a small alley.
  • Veni Veni (ベニベニ), 福山市伏見町1-16, 084-926-5963, Veni Veni bar is near the station. From the station stay to the left and walk towards Tenmaya. Turn left onto the small road with the Police Box on the corner. Veni Veni is on your left. Small quaint little bar with a good atmosphere.
  • Green Giant (グリーンジャイアント), 福山市延広町2-13, 084-971-3377, Green Giant is a reggae bar located just off Hisamatsu Dori. From Route 2 (Mizuho Bank corner), take the first left onto Hisamatsu Dori (Goodwins English school) and then take a left down a small alley. Green Giant is on the right hand side on the second floor.
  • Re-Man, 福山市明治町 5-12 2F, [38]. Re-Man is the only gay bar (men only) in the prefecture outside Hiroshima City. It's essentially a snack bar and therefore a little pricy as there is a cover charge of around ¥1000. However, unlike the straight kind, the barmen are there to get you talking to the other clientele. Little English is spoken but they are very friendly and it's a good place to go if you want to feel "normal" for an evening. Although the clientele are generally older (40s, 50s), there are occasionally younger people there. If you give the barman your keitai info, he'll give you an email if anyone pops into the bar that he thinks you'd get on with. Be warned that they'll probably try and make you sing karaoke (in English). The bar is very discreetly located and hence hard to find. Follow the directions to Phaa Pai Thai (restaurant) or the Central Library. Stand at the edge of the park with the library directly in front of you. Turn left and go straight out the corner of the square (you'll go past the Thai restaurant on your right). Go straight past the back of Minami Elementary School and take the first right. You'll see a small two-story building with a car park. You should see the sign for Re-man on the second floor.
  • CABLE (福山市 ケーブル), 福山市 三之丸町 4-1 グレイスビル3F, 084-983-1666, [39]. Cable is a new live music venue, which is opposite Caspa.
  • The Cross, 福山市昭和町8-8KOビル2F, 084-926-4614, [40]. The Cross is a dance club. The cover charge can be pricy! Take the road which Wara Wara is located on. Enter the Hondori and take a right when you reach a split in the road. You will come to Route 2. Cross the road and go straight - you will see the large sign for The Cross. It is only open for events, which are sporadic. However, information is available in Qoo Qoo Cafe and Boogie Buns. The crowd is very mixed and the music varies greatly depending on the night.



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