Fuefuki (笛吹市 Fuefuki-shi) is a city made up of 7 towns, Ichinomiya, Misaka, Isawa, Yastushiro, Sakaigawa, Kasugai, and Ashigawa.

As of July 2012, the city has an estimated population of 70,297 and a population density of 348 persons per km². The total area is 201.92 km².


Fuefuki is on the Chuo line. There are two stations in Fuefuki, Isawaonsen Station and Kasugaicho Station. Sakaori Station is also very close to Fuefuki, although technically a part of Kofu. You can get express trains from Isawaonsen Station. Only local trains stop at Kasugaicho.


There are seven JETs in Fuefuki, five of the positions are for elementary and junior high school, one is elementary only, and one is for senior high school.


Isawa Fireworks Festival

Battle of Kawanakajima

Cherry Blossom Festival




Near Isawa Station. Contains Seria, MaxValu grocery store, Lotteria, an arcade, a travel agency counter, Yamanashi Chuo Bank ATM, clothing, home goods, kids section, stationary, etc. There is also a bike shop for purchasing bikes, parts and accessories and also having maintenance like tube replacements.[]


Contains Daiso, McDonald's, a large grocery store and several department stores carrying clothing and home goods.[]

Cook Y[]

Lots of imported and harder to find foods such as large jars of peanut butter, a good variety of cheese and other Mexican food ingredients, as well as other sauces and spices. They also have lots of cheap snack foods and beverages. There's a vegetable stand and a meat shop on either side of Cook-Y.

Route 20[]

Don Qixote[]

Sports Depot[]

Sports equipment and clothing.

Hard off / Book Off []

Used goods.



G.U. []

Similar to Uniqlo, but cheaper.


Waayy down Route 20 in Kofu but a good option for home furnishings.


Route 20 and Wado dori are lined with a multitude of restaurants inlcuding kaiten zushi, Ootoya, Saizeriya, Mr. Donut, Coco Curry House, Starbucks, Red Lobster, Jonathans, Denny's, McDonald's.

Komeda Coffee


In this section write about any other services. Maybe banks, post offices, medical, libraries, hair dresser, sports, travel agencies. Maybe places you found helpful like English schools



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