Time: 5-15min


This is designed for Speaking and is good for Elementary schoolJunior High and Senior High.

The Finger counting warm-up is a very simple warm-up activity suitable for upper Elementary level and above. It's even good for adult classes and can be more challenging than it appears. The idea is simple. Players display a number of fingers, and the first person to count up all the fingers and say the number in English is the winner! It's good number practice and nice mental stimulation before the start of the lesson proper.

Cool name(s) for this activity:

  • Fast Fingers
  • Ready, Set, Go!

Materials required[]



  • Get the students into pairs and demonstrate with the JTE.
  • Players pump their fists and chant "Ready... Go!".
  • On the "Go!" both players show their hands with a certain number of fingers extended (0-5, obviously!)
  • Players must count up the total number of fingers on show and shout out the number in English. The first to say it is the winner!
  • Repeat as desired.


  • The game can be extended so that numbers higher than 10 can be practised. Have students play the game with both hands, or get them to play in groups of 4.