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The Doraemon likes Nobita-kun information gap activity is designed to review the 3rd person singular grammar form for Junior High 1st grade classes. It's a simple interview activity where students must say sentences using the target grammar (e.g. "Alice likes chocolate", "David Beckham likes football").

Materials requiredEdit

  • One information gap worksheet per 2 students


  • Hand out the worksheets, giving half the students the A side and half the B side.
  • Demonstrate the procedure with the JTE:
  • Students find a partner and start with janken. The winner gets to ask a question to the loser (e.g. "What does Ichiro like?"). The loser then replies using the target grammar (e.g. "Ichiro likes baseball"). The winner then writes down the information (e.g. "likes baseball") in the empty box on their sheet.
  • Both students then find new partners and the activity continues until all the boxes are filled.



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